Hachimaki - Japanese Teaching Ideas

• A stylized bandana.
• Made of white cloth.
• The origin of the hachimaki is uncertain.
• Religious practitioners
• Samurai warriors
Worn on Many Different Occasions
• Sport Spectators
• Martial Arts Demonstrators
• Symbol of Perseverance
Worn on many Different Occasions
• Women giving birth
• Students studying for exams
• Hachimaki also help the wearer to gather
his/her energy and show determination and
resolve. The slight pressure around the
forehead is said to improve concentration.
Worn on many Different Occasions
Worn at festivals to ward off evil spirits.
Office workers
Trade men
Boosouzoku (Biker Gangs)
* Keeps sweat from the eyes and hair off the
Gods of the Winds
• Kamikaze wore hachimaki during WW2.
Navy pilots outside Shanghai
• Usually decorated by inspirational slogans.
• Represent your personal hopes and dreams.
• The most typical is the rising sun motif.
Sample Hachimakis
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