UNIFORM - Our Lady of Lourdes RC Primary School

Please ensure that the correct uniform is worn at all times.
Royal blue cardigan/V-neck
‘knitted-style’ pullover
Grey or white shirt worn
with a school tie
Grey trousers/skirt/pinafore
Grey socks (boys),
grey/white socks or grey
tights (girls)
Royal blue cardigan/V-neck ‘knitted-style’
Royal blue & white ‘Gingham’ style checked
short sleeved dress and white socks; or:
White polo shirt
Grey trousers/skirt/tailored school shorts
Grey socks (boys) or grey/white socks (girls)
Winter uniform must be worn from the first Monday of October until the
Easter/Spring holiday at the end of the Spring Term.
This applies to all children from Year 1 to Year 6. Children in Reception classes
should wear Winter uniform from the day they start school.
Summer uniform must be worn from the beginning of the Summer Term (after the
Easter/Spring break) until the Friday preceding the first Monday in October.
Please do not mix and match items from the Winter/Summer uniform lists.
NB: In the event of extreme weather conditions the school shall extend the dates
above appropriately and shall inform parents accordingly.
Sensible ‘school-type’ black shoes. Trainers, boots or ‘fashion’ shoes are not allowed.
School ties
Ties are available from the school. Elasticated versions shall be sold to parents of
Reception children only. Year 1 pupils may wear an elasticated tie but should be
taught and encouraged to use a proper tie. All children from Year 2 should wear a
proper non-elasticated tie.
Children should wear a sensible school-type coat, appropriate for the weather
conditions. This should be worn over the school cardigan or pullover. Coats should
not have large logos or slogans on them. Sweatshirts/hooded sweat tops are not
allowed. A royal blue school blazer is optional.
The school sells a range of hats. These are optional but highly recommended. If your
child does not have a school hat, s/he may wear a suitable plain hat. Fashion hats and
those with slogans are not allowed.
Jewellery is not allowed. This is due to health and safety concerns and to enable all
children to take a full part in all areas of the curriculum. Small studs and small
sleeper earrings only are acceptable to be worn in school for all year groups
(including Nursery). However all earrings will need to be taken out or taped up by
individual pupils for PE or any other activity. Pupils from Year 2 upwards may wear
a simple wristwatch if they choose to do so. Children are responsible for their own
watches and may need to remove them for certain activities.
In the interests of health and safety, long hair must be tied back. Hair should finish
above the collar line or be tied back. All ribbons, clips and hair accessories should be
in school colours – royal blue, grey/silver or white. Hair ornaments or fashion styles
are not allowed.
PE Kit: black plimsolls, plain navy/royal blue or black shorts, plain white round neck
or polo T-shirt. PE kit should be kept in a drawstring PE/gym bag.
Tracksuits: For outside PE activities in extreme weather, children may wear a plain
non-hooded tracksuit in black, navy or grey. PE kit should not have slogans or logos
on them and should be kept in your child’s PE bag. Tracksuits are highly
recommended for Year 5 and 6 pupils.
NB: PE kits should be kept in school and taken home for washing each half term.
We intend the uniform to be practical and sensible for school wear. Fashion clothes
or styles should be avoided. It is impossible to predict changes of fashion for
example, boots or open-toed shoes and we rely on parents to co-operate with us in
discouraging impractical styles in clothing, footwear, hairstyle and decoration.
All clothing and footwear should be clearly marked with the child's own name.
Lost Property
This is collected in the School Office area. Please check if you are missing any items
of clothing. We automatically return any named items to the appropriate child having all clothing named really does help us to keep lost property to a minimum.
Any unnamed / unclaimed property at the end of each term will be disposed of.
Updated and reviewed version October 2014
Our Lady of Lourdes School Governing Body