Critics of the New Deal

Critics of FDR and the New Deal
formed American Liberty League
Includes leading
Democrats who felt he had
deserted the Democratic Party’s
principles of limited Federal Gov’t
Shows a switch in ideologies of
the parties
The Townsend Plan called for the government to
give $200.00 a month to all citizens over 60. The
idea being that they would spend it and the
economy would benefit from the upswing in
Many of the elderly were among the poorest at
this time. Idea is a forerunner of the concept of
Social Security which will come later.
Established Townsend Clubs to promote his plan
Had many loyal followers of his radio show
Supported New Deal at first, but felt it didn’t do
Called for nationalization of industry with antiSemitic remarks and attacks on communists who
he said were in charge of the country
Catholic Church makes him end his radio
Senator from Louisiana who gave folksy speeches
that engaged audiences
Proposed ‘Share the Wealth’ – high taxes on the
wealthy and large corporations and redistribution
of income to poor
No faith in Democracy – ruled Louisiana as though
he owned the state
Biggest threat to Roosevelt in election until he was
assassinated by a political enemy.
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