GCSE Additional - Purcell School

AQA Additional Science Biology ……… Overview
1. Cells Tissues and Organs Lessons 1 - 5
Animal and Plant cells
Bacteria and Yeast
Specialised cells
Tissues and Organs
Organ systems
2. Organisms and the Environment Lessons 6 - 11
Limiting factors
How plants use glucose
Making the most of Photosynthesis
Organisms in their environment
Measuring the distribution of organisms. How valid is data ?
3. Enzymes Lessons 12 - 19
Proteins, catalysts and enzymes
Factors affecting enzyme action
Enzymes in Digestion
Speeding up digestion
Making use of enzymes
High – tech enzymes
4. Energy from respiration Lessons 20 - 22
Aerobic respiration
The effect of exercise on the body
Anaerobic respiration
5. Simple Inheritance in animals and plants Lessons 23 - 30
Cell division and growth
Cell division in sexual reproduction
Stem cells
From Mendel to DNA
Inheritance in action
Inherited conditions in Humans
Stem cells and embryos
6. Old and New Species Lessons 31 - 34
The origins of life on earth
Exploring fossil evidence
More about extinction
Isolation and the evolution of new species
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