AP Chemistry- 9 Week Summary Chapter One: Introduction: Matter


AP Chemistry- 9 Week Summary

Chapter One: Introduction: Matter and Measurement

Definition of chemistry

Chemistry applications

Definitions of matter,

Characteristics of mixtures

Definition of physical & chemical change

Scientific Notation*

Significant figures*

Math functions using significant figures

Density calculations*

Unit Conversions using dimensional analysis*

Chapter Two: Atoms, Molecules and Ions

Define atom

Properties of protons, neutrons, electrons

Atomic Mass


Define groups/families on the periodic table

Define chemical formula, formula unit

Write balanced formula unit (ionic)

Calculate empirical and molecular formulas*

Chapter Three: Chemical Reactions

Write/balance equations

Solution process & solubility

Neutralization reaction and net ionic

Redox Reaction and net ionic equations

Predict products based on the type of reaction

Divisions of chemistry

Scientific method

States of matter,

Classification of matter

Atomic structure

Atomic number

Calculate average atomic mass*

Organization of the Periodic table

Family properties

Recognizes ions and charges

Write molecular formulas (covalent)

Identify common acids

Qualitative vs. quantitative

Accuracy and precision

Metric prefixes*

SI units of measure*

Qualitative vs. Quantitative

Conversion Kelvin/Celsius*

Identify strong electrolytes

Write net ionic equations

Oxidation Numbers*

Apply solubility rules & activity series

½ reactions for redox

Chapter Four: Stoichiometry

Chemical Analysis

Apply mass relationship to chemical equations*

Theoretical and % yield

Preparation of Solutions & dilutions

Aqueous Stoichiometry

Empirical formula based on combustion

Limiting reactants

Solution Concentration (Molarity)

Beer’s Lambert Law


*Be able to solve problems by performing calculations (similar to previous tests and worksheets).