Board-Minutes-02-15 - Domestic Abuse Women`s Network

DAWN’s mission is to lead and support efforts in south King County communities to end domestic violence by providing the critical services
and education for survivors to make informed choices about their future and engaging communities to raise awareness and take action.
Domestic Abuse Women’s Network
 = board member action items
Board Members:
David Jackson, President
Kim Howitt, Secretary
Marco Spani, Treasurer
Gary Ernsdorff, Past President
Kip Boyle, Member
Jennifer Davis, Member
Patty Eakes, Member
Chris McClincy, Member
Maria Nelson, Member
Nancy Phipps, Member
MacKinlee Reed, Member
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
February 23, 2015
Board Members Present: Kip Boyle (via phone), Jennifer Davis, Gary Ernsdorff, Kim Howitt,
David Jackson, Maria Nelson, Nancy Phipps (via phone), MacKinlee Reed, Marco Spani
Board Members Absent: Chris McClincy
Quorum Present: Yes
Staff Present: Peg Coleman
Meeting called to order at 5:00pm by David Jackson.
Peg Coleman,
Executive Director
January 2015 Minutes approved as written.
Green Dot Overview
 Green Dot Prevention Strategy reviewed
Committee Reports
 RDC Report
o Breakfast – Thu., April 9, 2015 at the Seatac Hilton, 7:00-8:30 a.m.
 Sponsors: Salal Credit Union renewed at $2,500; Anon (Costco) renewed at $2,500;
Greenpoint Technologies increased to $1,500
 MORE SPONSORS DESIRED – forward contacts to Brenda
 9 table captains confirmed + 10 board members; 180 prospective table captains total
 Looking for any potential nursery contacts for center pieces – please contact Brenda
o Auction – Sat., October 5, 2015 at the Bellevue Hyatt
o “Flat Sylvia” Campaign
 Staff will be conducting a Facebook fundraising campaign next month to establish a baseline
conversion of Fans to new donors
 The ask will be gifts of $25 restricted to emergency gift cards for clients
 Goal is 1% response rate of 2,622 fans or 26 donors at $25 ea for a total raised of $650
 Data collected will also be used to inform our The Seattle Foundation GiveBIG (5/5/15)
o Community Calendar
 RDC is coordinating a calendar of community events so board members are aware of what’s
going on in their community, and have time to plan to attend events.
 Board Development Report
o Board Retreat reviewed
o Next Steps reviewed
 Board Recruitment Report
o Two potential members will be invited to next board meeting
Committee members will contact both Rhonda and Brendon to invite them to the March
Possible vote after they have left the meeting to bring them onto the board
Executive Director Update
 Program updates
o Shelter Manager is reporting directly to Peg instead of Jill
Finance Committee
 Lynn approved to sign checks in Peg’s absence when appropriate
 Revised DAWN investment policy vote - Approved
 Next steps for Evelation recommendations
o Would like to have a transition phase before taking on anything new
o Want to look at ways to combine community relations with donor relations to increase giving
o Need to revamp donor software, Salesforce, to better serve our needs
o Peg will make recommendation for any additional staffing for future grant proposals
o Submit information to board about impact of GreenDot strategy on capacity
Governance Committee
 Draft Organization Blueprint reviewed
 Next Steps
o Next 30 days – identify and map existing board activities to renew focus areas
o Next 30-60 days – identify gaps between our current activities and our desired activities
o Next 90 days – be able to start working through the plan
 Individual areas of the plan were edited and competencies moved to more appropriate
 Final plan with changes will be sent out to board members for electronic vote on phase 1
prior to next board meeting
 If there is a need for further discussion, a phone or in-person meeting will be called at that
Meeting Adjourned at 8:15 pm
Next Board Meeting will be March 23rd at 5:00 pm