Life Group Study 2

Colossians Life Group Study 2
Read Chapter 1 vs. 1-3
Verse 1
 What is the significance of the office Paul holds for the letter he is about to write?
Verse 2-3
 What is the significance of the way Paul addressed the believers in Colossae?
 Do you believe that you are a saint? Why ? why not?
 What is a saint ?
 How is the process of becoming a saint?
 How is 2 Corinthians 5:21 answer this question for us ?
 Why is it important for us to see ourselves primarily as saints and not
sinners before God ?
 How does Paul’s Address of their dual reality give confidence and demonstrates the
responsibility of the believer (They are both in “Christ” and “in Collosae”)
Augustine once said - In every earthly city, there are two cities vying for control - the
City of Man and the City of God
Is this statement true of false? Explain your answer?
 What does it mean to be “In Christ”?
 Does this truth shape your reality ?
 Why do we walk away from our true identity in Jesus towards other things
 What separates Christianity from every other religion, philosophy or worldview?
o How is grace the best news in the universe?
o What is your definition /understanding of grace?
o Are you prone to work for grace rather than from it?
o Do you struggle with guilt and shame when you sin? What is that telling you
of your understanding of the gospel ?
Discuss Jerry Bridges quote from his book transforming grace.
My observation of Christendom is that most of us tend to base our relationship with God on
our performance instead of on His grace. If we've performed well—whatever ‘well' is in our
opinion—then we expect God to bless us. If we haven't done so well, our expectations are
reduced accordingly. In this sense, we live by works, rather than by grace. We are saved by
grace, but we are living by the ‘sweat' of our own performance. Moreover, we are always
challenging ourselves and one another to ‘try harder'. We seem to believe success in the
Christian life is basically up to us; our commitment, our discipline, and our zeal, with some
help from God along the way. The realization that my daily relationship with God is based on
the infinite merit of Christ instead of on my own performance is very freeing and joyous
Read Chapter 1 vs 13-14 and discuss How these truths help shape our thinking of
the sufficiency of Jesus Christ
 Being in Christ brings peace-what does that mean? What kind of peace is he is
referring to?
 How does trust in Jesus work for us bring us Peace (CF Romans 5:1)
 How does John 14:27 give the believer comfort
 Why are we tempted to move form Gods peace and work apart from Gods grace
 What does this reveal about our hearts and our own sinfulness and brokenness?
Ending challenge
Have you anchored your life on to something or something other than Jesus?
What needs to change in your life to be more Jesus centered?