Peer Employment Program Application Form “Peer Coach”

Peer Employment Program Application Form
“Peer Coach”
The Peer Employment Program at George Brown College aims to help you develop yours skills, develop your
professional competencies, define who you are, and build your resilience in preparation for the workforce.
If you would like to develop your professional competencies, while creating, engaging and participating in high-impact
initiatives with your peers, please complete the application below.
First Name: __________________________________________
Last Name: __________________________________________
Student Number:______________________________________
City: ________________________________________________
Postal Code: _________________________________________
Home Telephone (incl. area code):________________________
Email: ______________________________________________
Program/Course enrolled in at GBC:_______________________________________________________
Current Semester:_____________________________________________________________________
1. Please write a short paragraph telling us you are interested in becoming a Peer Coach.
2. Do you have previous experience in a leadership, mentorship or coaching role? Please describe in
200 words.
3. What key skills do you possess that would make you successful as a Peer Coach?
4. What would you find most challenging in the role of a Peer Coach?
5. How many hours can you commit to working per week?
Thank you for submitting an application to the Peer Employment Program. Eligible applicants will be contacted for an
interview. If you are selected for an interview, please bring a recent copy of your resume, along with 3 references.
Thank you for your interest.