clues for 2010-2011 trip

Clues for Milwaukee Walking Tour 2010
Start by talking about the population of Milwaukee,
surrounding suburbs, etc.
As we pass Nicolet High School, remind them that it
was named after Jean Nicolet, fur trader who came
to WI in 1634.
As we pass Marquette University, talk about
Jacques Marquette, Jesuit missionary, who school is
named after.
Point out the number of churches you can see from
the freeway—talk about the different ethnic groups
that lived in those areas in the 1850’s—mostly
Until a couple months ago, this is listed in the
Guinness World Records as the world’s largest 4faced object. This is often referred to the Polish
Moon because it is based in a historically Polish
neighborhood. It has helped Lake Michigan mariners
because of its lighted faces. Take your “time”
thinking about this one.
This structure was built from 200,000 tons of
material moved from Chicago in hundreds of railway
cars. The materials came from the building that once
was Chicago’s main Post Office. The dome is one of
the largest in the world. This too was built in an area
where many immigrants from Poland settled. Mum’s
the word when you walk through this tremendous
The next place we are passing is an area that is
named after one of Milwaukee’s founding fathers. It
is located in the southern section of our great city.
This area is also known as the 5th Ward.
This street is named after our Civil War president. Its
last name is Avenue!
We are now on a famous Milwaukee Street named
after a famous man who always wore a fresh
carnation as a boutonniere. His home is now called
the Wisconsin Club. He was a banker and a railroad
tycoon. Who was this man and what is the name of
the street?
This is a double house built of Cream City brick. It is
surrounded by larger industrial buildings. It was built
in 1857 by a grocer who was very “able”.
If you are going to “ride the rails” you need to go
here first.
The next place is the “life line” to our city. Goods
have come and gone through here for hundreds of
years. This place is deep enough for large vessels.
I cross the Milwaukee River. I have been called 2
different names. I was renamed after a former mayor
of Milwaukee. My total length is 1.9 miles. People
use me everyday so that they can get downtown
from the south side of Milwaukee. What am I?
This “drive” is a special place. Not merely a street,
it's a destination in itself, a place where you can get
up close to our great lake…
Now for lunch. If you were fishing, you might snag a rainbow
trout, muskie, or salmon. Here you will see boats, slips, the
Milwaukee sky-line, and be able to rent a jet-ski. This is
Milwaukee’s only public lake-front marina.