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J.K. Mullen High School Theology Teacher Apply Now Job location: Denver, CO Date posted: March 19 2016 Job Opening Theology Teacher Mullen High School is seeking to hire a faith-­filled, energetic, committed person to teach Theology. The successful candidate must be a practicing Catholic who will relate well to high school students. The candidate will, through attitude and deed, model behavior that will draw students to our Catholic faith and have a firm understanding of teenage spirituality. This is a full-­time position that requires flexibility to work occasional evenings and weekends throughout the school year. Essential Job Functions: • Provide clear and intentional focus on student achievement. • Stimulate inquiry and engagement through project-­based instruction, • Prepare lessons based upon backwards design • Grade student work, and maintain/update grades, • Build and maintain positive relationships with students and instructional team, • Utilize effective research-­based instruction and evaluation • Communicate effectively with students and families • Periodically work outside the normal schedule in collaboration with colleagues. • Instruct theology within the Bishop's Framework • Demonstrate competency in integrating technology into classroom teaching • Demonstrated competency of collaborative work • Assist Pastoral Director in coordinating retreats • Assist in promoting the retreat programs • Assist in evaluating and implementing Mullen High School's retreat program • Communicate and consult with others on the retreat planning • Meet regularly with the Pastoral Department staff Qualifications: • A Bachelor's degree in Theological Studies or a related field;; Master's degree is preferred. • Teacher certification in any discipline is a strong asset. • The applicant must have a strong commitment and desire to work with youth and adults in a collaborative environment to find ways of connecting the practice of our faith with real-­world ministry experiences. • The applicant must possess organizational and administrative skills to include, strong leadership, self-­
initiative, time management, attention to detail, and be able to problem solve while working under pressure. • The applicant must possess effective oral and written communication skills with the ability to work well with diverse age groups. Application Deadline: April 15, 2016 Submit cover letter, resume, and three references.