Reagan High School

Reagan High School
Class of 2016
Senior Memo #1
CONGRATULATIONS! You are official members of the 2016 class of Reagan High School! What an honor and
privilege! However, many responsibilities and decisions come with this distinction. You are also charged with
establishing/continuing traditions for many decades of classes following in your footsteps. Let’s be sure that
everything we do this senior year resounds with the dignity, pride, and class that Reagan has already displayed.
This will be the first of several Senior Memos you will receive this year. Your Senior Sponsors (Mr. McAbee, Mrs.
Hege, Mrs. Bonifay, and Mrs. Buchanan) will work very diligently to keep you informed throughout the year.
There will be Senior Announcement Boards right outside Student Services and Room 629 for you to check on a
regular basis. We will post important dates, events, and reminders on these boards. You can also stop by Mr.
McAbee’s class (629) in the event you have questions or concerns.
Last year a “Senior Leadership Team” was formed which includes Senior Class Officers, Student Body Officers,
and Senior Class Council Members. This group of Seniors will meet each month. They will be the “Voice” of the
Senior Class. So that you will remain “in the loop," they will be charged with soliciting ideas from you, and
reporting the decisions they are making to you. It is a MUST that every Senior be involved with this process.
Please check the bulletin board across from guidance for the names of the Senior Leadership Team members.
So…….here’s what we know so far:
Senior Picnic is October 29th from 5:30-7pm. This is before the final home soccer match.
Senior T-Shirt Sale is from October 5th – 15th! Designs due on Friday, September 11th.
Senior Day is Friday, December 11th! This is the day that you will take cap and gown photos, measure for
your caps and gowns, order your graduation announcements, pay your Senior Dues, and take the Senior Class
group photo. It will be quite an exciting day, and we are informing you early so you will be financially prepared.
If you plan to order announcements, cap & gown photos, and a Senior Class group photo, those will also need to be
paid for, in full, on this day. You will also be ordering your cap and gown. You will pay Josten’s for the cap and
gown, not the school as has been done in the past. Although, the exact cost of the day is determined by the
number of announcements you order and the size of the photo package you order, a “ballpark” figure is
approximately $150-$200 for everything. Your Senior Dues will be an additional $40, and must be paid in full
on this day. As we get closer to this date, there will be more detailed info, and brochures/order forms.
Class Day is Friday, May 20, 2016! This is the day that so much of your hard work will be recognized. We
will have a very dignified program highlighting the scholarships, departmental and community awards, and
other recognitions of the Senior Class. There will also be Senior performances and other surprises! (If you are
in good standing academically and owe no debts to the school, you will receive your caps & gowns on this day.)
More info later……
Your Senior Leadership Team met before the start of school, and one of the first things they want to do is
begin work on the Senior Class Gift decision. They will compile the ideas you submitted in homeroom today,
and make a list of the top choices. From that point, the gift will be selected. The other item of Senior business
that your leadership team wants to focus on is the Senior t-shirt design. Get those creative ideas on paper, and
drop them off in Room 629 (Mr. McAbee’s room.) Again, the Senior Leadership Team will select the top choices,
the design will be chosen, and we will post the winning design on the Senior Bulletin Board!!
Your Senior Sponsors don’t want to overwhelm you with too much info at once, but we do want you to always be
informed. Please be aware that we are sharing this information with your parents as well, in an effort to keep them
informed. We will also post this info on the school website.