Cap & Gown Letter - Westwood Regional School District

Westwood Regional Jr./Sr. High School
701 Ridgewood Road, Township of Washington, NJ 07676 • (201) 664-0880 • Fax (201) 722-1542
Frank Connelly
Shelley LaForgia
Assistant Principal
Christopher Mello
Assistant Principal
January 25, 2016
Dear Senior Parent/Guardian:
Please be advised that we will be measuring for your student’s cap and gown for
graduation. A $25.00 purchase fee is due at that time. The schedule will be as follows:
Monday, February 8
Tuesday, February 9
Wednesday, February 10
Thursday, February 11
Friday, February 12
Seniors are asked to report to the Main Office’s conference room (access through hallway
door) with $25.00 in cash or a check payable to Westwood Regional Jr./Sr. High School
during the student’s lunchtime only. Please be aware that this money is nonrefundable.
If your student is absent on his/her assigned date, please tell him/her to report to the Main
Office upon their return to school between 8:00 A.M. and 3:30 P.M. to be measured.
Students will not be measured for their caps and gowns without the purchase fee.
An additional $10 will be charged for the cap and gown if monies are not received before
March 4, 2016.
Students must be measured during the time frame above (unless there is an extenuating
circumstance) in order to guarantee that their cap and gown will arrive in time for
graduation day. There is no guarantee that a gown ordered after March 7 will be
processed correctly or in a timely manner.
Students who do not order a cap and gown will not be allowed to participate in
Frank Connelly