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Volunteer Vacancy: IELTs Tutor
Job Description
The We women foundation is currently looking for a volunteer English tutor to help one of our
pre-university students prepare to take the IELTs exams at the end of this year. The tutor will nee
d to create a study scheme for the student, as well as prepare and deliver the one-to-one lessons.
This position also requires the tutor to set tests and exercises, and provide appropriate feedback i
n order to help the student achieve their goals.
It is important that the student is able to gain proficiency of the English language for academic us
e. This includes the ability to think critically and then convey those ideas eloquently using Englis
As such, applicants should;
Have strong communication skills and be creative with lesson plans.
Be able to convey information to the student in an interesting way.
Possess interactive teaching skills, in order to stimulate the student to think critically.
Be empathic and enjoy teaching students from different cultural backgrounds.
Volunteers should preferably;
Have at least one year of experience teaching English.
Have experience teaching IELTs preparation courses.
Be able to test the students skills, analyses the test results and know on which parts of the
test the student needs to focus.
Be able to develop individual strategies on how to improve the student’s focus areas.
Be able to work on improving test taking skills of the student.
Period and Location
Start date: As soon as possible.
Hours: Part time (4-5 hours at the weekend).
Location: Yangon (applicants should already be living in Yangon).
Duration: Until the student takes the IELTs exams (approximately 6 months).
How to Apply
This is a fantastic opportunity to play a part in empowering a young Burmese woman to fulfill he
r potential. To apply, please send your CV, cover letter and application form to info@wewomen