LessonPlanTemplate character traits

Lesson Template
Course/ Subject: 7th Lit. Lab
Essential Student Outcome: Student will be able to describe the main character using high level character traits.
Materials/Resources: Novel: Tangerine, list of character traits, I-pad:lucidchart
Learning Standard:
Necessary context to understand the lesson: Frontloading of vocabulary words: character traints.
Needed in
Student Work Expected
(What are you
expecting them to do?)
Description of Activity (Specific. Assume
someone else will carry these activities out.
Not you.)
Assessment(s) (What
evidence will you use to
know that they learned?)
15 min.
Define Character
Students will watch short video clip defining
character traits. Students then will highlight
character traits on the list provided that they
recognize. Students will then use thesaurus and
dictionary.com to define any unknown vocab
Character trait chart is
completed correctly