Job Description – Science Technician

GGS Science Department
Job Description – Science Technician
Reporting Structure
The science technician will be responsible to the senior science technician. His/her work will be
coordinated by the Senior Science Technician but he/she will often take direct guidance from the
science teaching staff, particularly heads of department.
Job Purpose:
The provision of practical equipment and technical support to aid teaching staff in providing an
aspirational and well-rounded science education. The cleaning, maintenance and repair of fixed and
portable science equipment. The maintenance and replenishment of scientific supplies.
Main Aspects of the Job
As Required
Reviewing the allocation of rooms for science lessons according to the
priorities set out.
Informing students and staff of the allocated rooms in a timely fashion, as
Preparation of resources and assembly of apparatus delivery equipment to
Collecting equipment from labs to be checked and returned to store.
Giving technical advice to teachers/technicians/pupils.
Carrying out risk assessment for technician activities.
Care of plant/animal resources when appropriate.
Obtaining materials by local purchase.
Keeping financial records.
General cleaning of fixed lab equipment.
General checking and maintenance of sinks, gas taps, water taps. Checks to
be logged.
Disposing of waste.
Maintenance and repair of equipment.
Keeping up to date with health and safety developments.
Checking of fume cupboards, electrical and safety checks. Logs to be kept.
Organising, storing and checking condition of chemicals and equipment.
Preparing standard solutions.
Checking stock and ordering.
Designing, constructing and modifying apparatus.
Preparing specified materials and apparatus for practical examinations.
Attending department meetings.
Trialling new practicals.
In Addition
Other tasks, including wider school elements, as reasonably required by the
Director of Support Services or Headteacher
Person Specification
Qualifications and Experience
Experience of work in a scientific environment, e.g. school, college, research.
Relevant educational qualifications.
A demonstrable commitment to Continuing Professional Development.
Knowledge and Skills:
The ability to work as a member of a team
Strong communication skills
The ability to meet deadlines
Organisational and prioritisation skills
Understanding of the educational context
Personal Qualities:
April 2015
Sensitivity, flexibility and adaptability
A capacity for hard work and an ability to work under pressure
Commitment to the School, its students, staff, parents and Governors