Job Description Post Designation: Senior Science Technician Salary

Job Description
Post Designation: Senior Science Technician
Salary: Scale 5
School: Robert Clack School
Local Authority Department: Children’s Services
Supervising Officer: Science Subject Leader
Purpose of the Job:
 To set up apparatus, materials and equipment for classroom lessons;
 To prepare teaching materials for practical lessons;
 To provide technical support to staff and pupils on the safe use of
 To ensure work areas are tidy, arrange apparatus and equipment as
 To instruct and supervise trainee/junior technical staff in the department.
Specific Technician Duties:
This post will essentially have all the same duties as a Technician (Level 2)
but will include some additional responsibilities.
 To prepare chemicals and apparatus for daily use in accordance with
COSHH and other relevant Health and Safety regulations;
 To prepare/dispose of microbiological cultures in accordance with relevant
Health and Safety guidelines, regulations and technical knowledge;
 To safely dispose of chemicals/waste material and broken equipment in
accordance with established guidelines and regulations;
 To be responsible for the preparation of post-16 practical lessons and
relevant external practical examinations;
 To liaise with teaching staff to advise on the suitability of chemicals,
equipment and apparatus for undertaking experiments with particular
reference to technical and Health and Safety considerations;
 To set up and use Information Computer Technology equipment;
 To set up and use Audio Visual Aids equipment;
 To undertake minor repairs and general maintenance to any equipment
where possible, reporting any faults/problems;
 To maintain the department’s practical resources, collecting, checking and
returning equipment to stores, checking on shortages;
 To participate in the development of practical activities including
construction of simple apparatus;
 Under the general supervision of the teacher, demonstrate practical
activities to pupils where appropriate;
 To participate in the maintenance of satisfactory standards of safety and
security in relation to the department, reporting any issues to the Subject
To carry out safety checks on fume chambers;
Under the direction of the classroom teacher to assist with the supervision
of pupils, during short periods, when the classroom teacher may need to
leave the classroom;
To review generic Risk Assessments or prepare new Risk Assessments
that relate to all activities, ensuring that Risk Assessments are applied
Additional Technician Duties:
 To take on the responsibility of one of the sites (as Robert Clack School is
a split site) for general decisions and resource management;
 To be responsible for the general management, instruction and
supervision of trainee/junior technical staff;
 To be responsible for maintaining and running department ICT, upgrading
software/hardware as required;
 To be responsible for end of day safety checks etc;
 To be responsible for knowing and keeping up to date with relevant Health
and Safety information, statutory regulations/COSHH etc;
 Overall responsibility for the safe and orderly running of the Prep. Room;
 To be responsible for stock taking and stock control, maintaining and
updating site stock book, checking stock levels and re-ordering as
 To be responsible for liaising with suppliers/contractors and handling
orders/checking and signing delivery notes;
 To be responsible for the safe preparation and disposal of hazardous
substances including chemical, microbial and animal waste in accordance
with Health and Safety statutory guidelines contracting external agencies
where necessary.
General Duties:
 Ensure compliance with appropriate legislation, School and Council
Policies, Standing Orders, Financial Regulations and other requirements
of the Council;
 Ensure compliance with and actively promote the School and the Council’s
Equality and Diversity policies and strategies, and the Equal Opportunities
in Employment Policy;
 Ensure compliance with and actively promote Health and Safety at Work
legislation, School and Council Health and Safety policies and procedures;
 Comply with the Data Protection Act 1990 (all employees of the Council
will not disclose or make use of, for their private advantage, any
information held on manual or computer records, which are not available
to the public, however acquired);
 To take responsibility for continuing self-development and participate in
training and development activities;
 Undertake a proactive, committed approach towards the School’s Best
Value ethos;
Comply with the competencies and standard requisites agreed by the
school as being relevant to the post;
Cover the duties of other staff as and when required;
Attend meetings, working groups etc as required.
To undertake any other roles/activities as and when required by the
Subject Leader and members of the Senior Leadership Team.
The above mentioned duties are neither exclusive nor exhaustive and the
post-holder may be called upon to carry out other appropriate duties as may
be required by the chief officer within the grading level of the post, and the
competence of the post-holder.