Topic Web Spring 1

Early Years Medium Term Planning
Class: Nursery
Term: Spring 1
Topic: People who Help Us
Communication and Language/Literacy
I can join in with repeated refrains and anticipate key
events and phrases in rhymes and stories.
I am able to follow directions (if not intently focused on
own choice of activity)
I am beginning to understand ‘why’ and ‘how’ questions.
I am beginning to use talk to connect ideas, explain
what is happening and anticipate what might happen
next, recall and relive past experiences.
I can question why things happen and give explanations.
Asks who, what, when, how.
I am beginning to recognise familiar words and signs
such as own name and advertising logos.
I give meanings to marks I make as I draw, write and
We will be focussing on a book each week. The children will have
lots of chances to meet ‘people who help us’ and have
opportunities to ask questions and have related discussions about
their jobs. We will also be completing a focussed mark making
1-1 every week. Those that are ready will begin pattern making
as well.
Physical Development
I can mount stairs, steps or climbing equipment
using alternate feet
I can hold a pencil point between my first two
fingers and thumb and use it with good control
I will observe the effects of activity on my body
I can dress with help e.g. puts arms into openfronted coat or shirt when held up, pulls up own
trousers and pulls up zipper once it is fastened at
the button.
We will continue with our weekly PE session, now we have finished our
nativity, which will help children to follow instructions, alongside the
gross motor development. We will be encouraging children to get
waterproofs and wellies on more independently. We will discuss the
benefits of exercise with the children and encourage them to notice
the effects of exercise on their bodies e.g. How does your heart feel
after this exercise? We will continue with mark-making and pattern
I can compare two groups of objects, saying
when I have the same number
I am beginning to show an interest in number
I am showing an interest in shapes in the
I am beginning to identify own mathematical
problems based on own interests and
Personal, Social and Emotional Development
I demonstrate friendly behaviour, initiating
conversations and forming good relationships
with peers.
I am more outgoing towards unfamiliar
people and more confident in new social
I can usually tolerate delay when needs are
not immediately met, and understand wishes
may not always be met
We will be linking our maths as much as possible to our topics, to make
We will be encouraging all the children to become independent
it relevant to the children. We will be counting people, making pictures
using different shapes to make police cars and playing lots of number
conversations and discussions from visitors.
games. We will be trying to work with larger numbers this term, where
listening skills and remembering facts.
children to think of their own questions prior to each visit.
Understanding the World
Expressive Arts and Design
I know some of the things that make me
unique, and can talk about some of the
similarities and differences in relation to
friends or family
I can show care for living things and my
I show an interest in technological toys with
knobs or pulleys or real life objects such as
cameras or mobile phones
We will be using the Beebots to explore how they can be programmed and
moved. We will be using different programs on the Ipads and exploring
the interactive whiteboard. We will hopefully begin to see some minibeasts in the spring and investigate them with the magnifying glasses. We
can discuss caring for living things with our visiting doctor and maybe if
we have a visit from the vet too.
This will require good
We will be encouraging
I can initiate movement in response to music
I can join construction pieces together to
build and balance
I can capture experiences and responses
with a range of media, such as music, dance
and paint and other materials or words.
We will be moving to music during our weekly PE sessions. We always
have building materials weekly- lego, duplo, bricks, crates etc…
Children will have many opportunities to paint, do junk modelling,
make puppets and masks and lots of activities related to our topics.