CAS Assessment Committee (CASAC): Responsibilities 2012-2013

CAS Assessment Committee (CASAC): Responsibilities
October 18, 2012
Coordinating assessment of student learning and reporting system
 Encouraging faculty to develop student learning outcomes, particularly as part of a
system that enhances their program and students’ learning opportunities—i.e., the
assessment systems should be recursive and lead faculty to use findings to inform
programmatic/curricular changes, especially in order to improve opportunities for
student learning.
 Evaluating how we know students are learning
 Developing evidence that demonstrates assessment of student learning
 Reporting
 Encouraging others to value the process and system, particularly in ways that benefit
programs and students’ learning opportunities
 Consistently delivering information to stakeholders and working closely with University
Assessment Committee, Dean’s office, CAC, departments and programs—and working to
change the culture of assessment!
 Delivering messages; talking points; anecdotes
 Focusing on audiences: DHs, coordinators, faculty, etc.
Building Capacity
 Building on system initiated by OIEA (coordinated by Peggy Liggit)
 Strengthening committee’s understanding of assessment (contexts and processes) and
prepare to train others, including creating opportunities through the Faculty
Development Center (FDC)
 Encouraging and collaborating with coordinators and other department and program
leaders involved with assessment (“KIS” – keep it simple; we will need to negotiate and
collaborate on process)