Sir John Heron Primary School Middle Manager Job description

Sir John Heron Primary School
Middle Manager Job description – Leader of Learning
Responsible to: The Head teacher and Chair of Governors
Line Management: This is a middle management post, line managed by the senior leadership team.
General expectations:
• To carry out the professional duties of a teacher as circumstances may require and be an
outstanding role model in all aspects of teaching and learning, including extended school provision
and the professional life of the school.
• To have a thorough working knowledge of the school’s policies and guidance (as described in the
school handbook) and make explicit the aims, values and vision of the school, ensuring that they are
reflected in all areas of school life.
• To make a positive contribution towards raising academic standards for all pupils.
• To work alongside other staff to promote excellent behaviour and a positive ethos within the
• To undertake any additional duties and tasks under the reasonable direction of the Head teacher.
Through everyday practice, team teaching and peer observations:
• Consistently model good, or better, teaching (including planning) as a class teacher in accordance
with the school’s relevant policies.
• Model good classroom management skills in terms of classroom organisation, use of support staff,
management of resources and time management.
• Model consistently good behaviour management in accordance with the school’s behaviour policy.
• Model on going formative assessment of pupils in accordance with the school’s teaching and
learning and assessment policies.
Responsibilities of Leaders of Learning:
• To contribute to the writing/review of general teaching and learning policies such as the Teaching
& Learning and Behaviour policies.
• To assist the Head teacher, SLT and Governors in School Self Evaluation and the creation and
implementation of the School Improvement Plan (SIP).
• To support staff in achieving the priorities and targets of the SIP and monitor progress on those
relating to the assigned curriculum areas.
• To submit written reports to the Head teacher evidencing their impact on pupil standards/
curriculum development/ staff development.
• To promote the school’s culture of teamwork and commitment to professional development.
• To support the performance management process as required and use the process to develop
personal and professional effectiveness.
• To facilitate whole staff development through attending and delivering training e.g. through INSET
days, staff meetings and phase/team meetings.
• To facilitate the highest standards of teaching & learning across a range of subjects.
• To keep pupils’ academic standards and progress high on the agenda for all class teachers, support
staff, parents and pupils.
• To monitor children’s achievements across the phase/curriculum area and analyse performance
• To ensure that parents are well informed about the curriculum, targets, children’s progress and
attainment and play a leading role in encouraging parents to be fully involved in their child’s
• To monitor standards of teaching and learning and assist colleagues in developing their teaching,
pupil management and wider professional skills giving feedback benchmarked against the TDA
professional standards for teachers.
• To facilitate curriculum development in accordance with relevant action plans and share creative
and inspirational ideas in order to lead staff to outstanding professional practice.
• To co-ordinate and monitor weekly and medium term planning of staff within the assigned subject
• To ensure that pupils’ work within the assigned phase group/subject areas is reflected in high
quality displays (and/or portfolios, digital recordings etc.) in classrooms and the school’s public
• To be responsible for communication and forward planning within the curriculum area.
• To liaise regularly, both formally and informally, with the assigned line manager and attend
Leaders of Learning meetings.
All post holders must follow any subject specific job description in addition to this, as directed.
This job description will be reviewed annually and may be subject to amendment or modification at
any time after consultation with the post holder. It is not a comprehensive statement of procedures
and tasks, but sets out the main expectations of Sir John Heron Primary School in relation to the post
holder’s professional responsibilities and duties, including the provision of high quality teaching and
learning and the pastoral care of the children in their charge.
Elements of this job description and changes to it may be negotiated at the request of either the
Head teacher or the incumbent of the post.
Updated January 2012
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