Communications and Technical Support Expression of Interest

Communications and Technical Support
Expression of Interest
London Boroughs and London Waste Authorities can apply for technical support and/or
communications advice and communications funding support, through the LWARB
Borough Service Support programme.
Third sector organisations may also be eligible for communications support for reuse
projects, but must be able to demonstrate the support of one or more London Boroughs.
Support is provided by WRAP on behalf of LWARB.
Project Requirements
Please read the Borough Service Support award criteria prior to
completing this form, found at:
If you are interested in receiving technical support and/or communications support
(including communications funding support) for a project that meets the criteria please
complete this Expression of Interest (EOI) form.
In order for us to progress your project you must first have the support of your internal
communications team.
Communications support is available until March 2015, subject to capacity.
The deadline for submitting an EOI application is 30 November 2014.
It may take up to 6 weeks to scope and evaluate the project and agree a programme of
support. Please take this into account when initially planning your project.
Please return all forms electronically to:
Please make the subject of your email: BSS EOI Return
A member of Borough Service Support Team will then contact you within 5 working days
of receiving your EOI to discuss your project in more detail.
1. Contact details
Local Authority:
Email address:
Telephone Number:
Is this a partnership application
If yes, please list partnering authorities
Local Authority
Lead Contact
Date of submission
2. What do you need help with?
Do you require Technical Advice or
Communications Support?
Technical Advice
Communication Support
Please give a brief description of:
a) what you are trying to achieve/what problem you are trying to address
b) whether you have tried anything in the past to tackle the issue/whether you have anything
currently planned to do so
c) what support you think you need
3. Planning your project
At what stage are your project plans?
Do you have Member approval?
Are your communications team supportive?
Please give an indication of when you may require support:
July – Sept 2013
Oct – Dec 2013
April – June 2014
July – Sept 2014
Jan – March 2015
Jan – March 2014
Oct – Dec 2014