Hi Diya and Jenna

Hi Diya and Jenna,
It’s lovely talking to people in England. Our names are Lauren, Chiara, June and Charlotte.
We are really appreciative to answer your exiting questions. You live a long way away in England
where we live down here in Australia.
We have 4 seasons summer, autumn, winter and spring. Each season has 3 months. Summer
has December, January and February. Autumn has March, April and May. Winter has June, July and
August. Spring has September, October and November. At the moment we are in autumn. At the
moment the temperature is fairly cool but still is quite warm and about 24 Celsius. We do not get
hurricanes but we do get cyclones in Queensland.
Here in Australia, our weather in very different to yours. Right now it is colder than a
summer’s day and we are having temperatures from 18 to 25 Celsius. We think that you would love
it here in Australia. In Australia, our weather is wonderful though some mornings can be pretty
harsh but the afternoon sunrises are perfectly wonderful. I love autumn the season we are in right
now and I bet you would love it also. Autumn though, is not our favourite season though as
wonderful as it is. Spring is our favourite season because that is when the beautiful blooms come
Here in Australia, we do get floods but generally they’re in Queensland but the state were in
(Melbourne) we are lucky because we’ve never had a flood since we’ve been around. Weather here
in Australia we quite like but we live in a temperate climate. Some people even joke that we have 4
seasons in one day! We see you want to know what season we’re in. We are in autumn. In autumn
it’s beginning to get colder but yet it is still warm weather. Here unlike England, we don’t get snow
apart from in some mountains. Today’s weather is quite cold but we can still go out to play.
During winter in Australia we have an average of 15 Celsius but a cold day we get about
10-20 Celsius. Even though that doesn’t sound cold to you it is very cold to us. In summer, the
beaches are very crowded and the weather it’s very hot, we always walk around in shorts and
T-shirts. In spring it is a very good time to grow crops and have picnics. Spring is the season of life.
Autumn is mostly cold but there are sometimes warm days and sunlit skies.
Unlike you, at Christmas time it is summer not winter. Most people have seafood as
Christmas lunch. Some people still stick to traditional turkey. If it is really hot some people even go
to the beach!
We also have some questions for you:
Do you often have snowy days?
What season do you like best?
What kind of weather do you have right now?
What is the temperature right now?
What is your favourite season?
Kind regards,
Lauren, Chiara, June and Charlotte