concept paper

Project Team Details
Country: INDIA
Team Members
Harmanan Singh
Rahul Bhope
Kshitij Madekar
Anish Chaurasiya
Using a combination of the STEM knowledge and entrepreneurial skills in your team, come up with
an innovative, commercially viable solution (product, scheme or service) to a prominent issue
effecting your community. How will your solution make a lasting positive impact and create social
change. How can mobile technology play a role?
Proposed Solution
Executive Summary (Very brief: what will the team make and for whom?): max 100 words:
Presenting: Smart Phones with Chemical Analyzers.
Think of a Swiss knife. We can have a similar arrangement in a Smartphone with an analyzer,
CSBFEA- Chemical Sensor for Biomedical Food and Environmental Applications.
The analyzer antenna can be dipped in various foodstuffs to know about the contents or chemical
components contained in the food.
This can be used by a variety of health conscious people. As concerned individuals they can know the
contents that go into making food.
Innovation (describe why your solution is innovative and how it will impact on the society): max 150
Every person has the right to know about what they consume. That is when this innovation comes to
the fore.
It allows person to know the contents of the food through a simple gadget they carry everyday i.e.
their smartphones.
Since smartphones make use of the internet they can therefore sense the complex nutrients and
ingredients that the consumer wants to know.
Detailed Description (design/functions/features/benefits/key activities): max 400 word
Design: - The Smartphone is attached with a retractable spoon with a CSBFEA sensor and this
sensor sends information to the Smartphone.
Functions:- It tests the quality of food, checks for adulteration, and other chemicals contained in the
food, whenever food is food is picked up for intake.
Features: - The CSBFEA spoon is connected to a software on the smartphone and the sensed
information is transmitted to the software for analysis.
Benefits: - The entire setup keeps a tab on the food intake and enables a healthier lifestyle for
people when they consume good food. It also enables the orthodox to continue with their beliefs
when it comes to food habits.
Target group(s) (who is the user of the solution? who will pay for or invest in the solution? who
decides on buying/investing in the solution?): max 50 words
The target section are the ones who are health conscious, face food restrictions and the orthodox.
These groups of people are selective when it comes to consuming food. Also it can be used by
general masses for knowing the spice content or sourness of the food.
Describe the Financial Plan of the Business Idea ((what are the costs to produce/provide the
solution? what is the investment the buyer has to make to make the solution work? you do not need
to quantify these, just note down your thoughts or areas of investment/cost categories): max 150
For this solution, the food and technical industries can collaborate to produce the component and
give their inputs simultaneously. The cost of the existing analyzers is approximately $100 and this is
the approximate cost over original Smartphone prices.
Uniqueness (compared to other solutions that are available: what is so special about yours? what
distinguishes your solution from the others? what makes your solution more attractive?): max 100
This solution allows people to know the contents they consume. The solution and the gadget is
portable and is attached to their Smartphone.
The Smartphone allows detailed analysis of the food through an Application. People can use it
whenever they want, be it restaurants or at home.
Marketing (Note down how you intend to market and sell your product. Through which channels do
you want to reach your customer segments? How do others reach them now? Which one works
best? Which ones are the most cost-effectives?) max 100 words
The solution is an option for health conscious people and people having other restrictions. Therefore
this can be promoted by gyms, Hospitals and Nutritional Food experts. The concerned population
can purchase the Smartphone at an additional cost.
Also, the technical sector and food sector can collaborate for the production of these components.
Implementation (how will your solution be produced/implemented? does your solution require any
particular technology?): max 100 words
The Food sector and Technical Industries need to combine and manufacture the product.
This requires the technical sector to produce the phones and analyzers and the Food sector needs to
assist these industries for manufacture of products and software systems.