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Smartphone has become a common device in our life. The mobile phone only can make a phone call at the first time. However, cell phone was improved after several years, and it becomes smarter and smarter. The first Smartphone, IBM Simon, was issued on COMDEX convention in November, 1992, but its volume was too big to carry. Hence, it was not very popular because it was inconvenient. Shortly after, more and more convenient Smartphone are improved, and they are smarter and smarter.

Nowadays, there are many kind of Smartphone, and they differ in brands, exterior, some functions and their prices. Iphone, HTC, Sony and Samsung are well-known brands, iphone is the most popular among these Smartphone brand, because people think it has user-friendly design, even though its price is higher than the other brands.

Smartphone make our life convenient, but people lost social skills in real life gradually.

Although smart phone is a common device in our life now , we should still use it appropriately.