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Clickers FAQ’s – Common Troubleshooting Tips
Using PowerPoint 2010
1. I can’t insert any slides and don’t see the TurningPoint tab on the menu bar.
 Make sure you open TurningPoint first and then browse for your PPT file to open.
 DO NOT open Microsoft PowerPoint first because you won’t see the Turning Point tools.
2. I can't get my ResponseCard to work
 Make sure your ResponseCard RF is on the same channel as your receiver.
 On the ResponseCard RF press Ch/GO/Channel.
 (Channel number, default number is 41)
 Press Ch/GO.
 A green light will display
 Select “Connections”
 You will notice the device’s
Channel ID
 Note the Channel Number.
Default Channel ID is 41.
 You can run a connection
test of clickers by clicking
the “Test” button.
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3. How do I know the receiver is working and plugged in properly? To determine if the USB receiver is
working properly, you must:
 Connect the device receiver to the USB port of the presentation computer. The computer
detects the receiver and installs the proper drivers.
 The computer will then show pop up text that the device is ready for use.
 On the Dashboard double click the Receiver icon
Clickers FAQ’s – Common Troubleshooting Tips
4. I inserted a new slide with 4 answers, and the chart on the slide disappears. How do I get the graph
to reappear?
 Under the Insert Object Menu, select “Charts, Vertical or any chart type preferred.”
 The chart will reappear on the slide.
6. Can I add clipart to PowerPoint slides?
 Yes, you can add clipart, pictures, sound and even custom
animation in each slide.
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5. I closed the Slide Preference pane to the right of my slide, how do I
get the pane to reappear?
 The Slide Preference bar never really disappears, it might be
moved from off the slide
 Click inside the answer choice text box.
 The Settings pane will now display to the right of the slide.
 If the Slide Preference pane is closed, click the arrow to expand
the pane.
Clickers FAQ’s – Common Troubleshooting Tips
7. I have 10 students responding, but I only get 9 replies in the poll, how do I check if all the clickers are
 The instructor can check the devices before class begins:
Ensure the device receiver is properly installed and the device to be tested is available.
To test for device communication…
a) Under PowerPoint Polling Click “Preferences” on the TurningPoint Ribbon and select
Settings. The Settings window opens.
b) Select the Connections link in the left menu.
c) TurningPoint displays the Polling Test window. Use this window to verify that TurningPoint
can receive responses from the devices.
d) Click Test.
e) Students can then press any key on their response device. TurningPoint displays the Device
ID, Channel, and the key entry from each response device in the order in which they were
f) Have students check if their ID displays on the screen.
g) Click Close on the Polling Test window.
h) Click Close on the Preference Window. The device communication check is now complete.
Have the students participate by checking the clicker’s ability to communicate by opening polling
and point to each student, one at a time and see if a response is recorded.
If you find the clicker that isn’t responding by polling, reset the Channel by clicking the CH button,
press the numbers for Channel ID and press the CH button again. If a green light appears after the
channel reset method, then it is connecting to the receiver.
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