LFSUS Meeting Minutes 2015-10

LFS|US Council Meeting Minutes
October 15th, 2015
A) Call to Order and Adoption of the Agenda:
Called to Order:
B) Attendees:
Stephanie Goh
Kristy Yee
Penny Pang
Gloria Sun
Shivakar Sivarajan
Hussam Zbeeb
Ava Maleki
Victoria Bylicki
Rachel Leung
Katie Mack
Khalid Jamal
Emerlin Law
Rita Pickett
Andie Waterhouse
Iva Jankovic
Jacqueline Guo
Jessica Phung
Elizabeth Yu
Katie Cribb
Carmina Paterno
Betty Tse
Queena Chung
Tori Uhl
Christine Leung
Carla Obando
Winnie Kwan
Esther Huang
Stephanie Chang
Rita-Louise Steele
Rachel Kao
A) November 27th graduation
a. nominate representative for speech and forward list to Steph/Christine in the next few days
B) Strategic plan points
a. TIME SENSITIVE: Prioritize action items – Steph send to Ricky and we can discuss next
b. Launch next Tuesday Oct 20th – RSVP by TODAY
C) Community Dinner sponsored tickets
a. Katie: Consult access and diversity officer/equity office to shape sensitive language
b. Carla could help organize applications to maintain confidentiality
c. Option for students to have an in person conversation
D) AMS Tutoring
a. Suggestion: offer the tutoring after WND – offer coupon to tutees for free dinner
i. Compare last year’s (Wed before WND) turn out to this year (Thurs 12:30pm2:30pm)
b. Can do CHEM 123 midterm prep night next term and connect to WND again
i. Gather feedback and numbers
c. Eventually would like senior LFS students to be tutors – applications in August
E) ISI Tuition
a. How should LFS consult (since AMS and UBC are already doing surveys)?
i. Run our own town hall meeting that precedes university-wide town halls at the Nest
1. Include Ricky’s budget presentation
2. Look into booking a space closer to the Nest
3. Hussam keep in contact with Christine – and check with Rebecca for Dean’s
b. Examine LFS budget and see where tuition increase would be used for
i. Multidisciplinary fund accessible for faculty members and student groups
ii. Be transparent about budget – present to students during consultation
F) Next Thursday: Do we need Exec meeting? If not, can help out with Apples for Educators and
participate in research café (12-1pm; RSVP Oct 20)
G) Cheese:
a. flu clinic time – free at Shopper’s
b. end of term social – Friday Dev 4th night or Saturday Dec 5th; Steph set up poll
i. white elephant ($5 and up)
c. IMPACT Sustainability Champions training program – entrepreneurship opportunity,
applications due Nov 1st
H) Christmas shoebox project
a. Put together our own boxes – one big box of supplies or pack individual?
I) BZZR Garden
a. SOL not done yet – Jaq will call them and speak to manager
b. Sample Pocky: give to participates that submit a candy jar guess for fundraiser
c. How to make sure they only get 1 free beer: get one ‘free beer’ ticket
d. Narrow down to 2 fundraising ideas: candy jar guess + ______?
J) Community Dinner
a. Have form available on Google because not everyone can open word doc form
i. Be clear about colour scheme and vision
b. Go with Soleina’s design
i. Edits to be made:
1. Add LFSUS logo – Iva send vector image to Esther
2. For ‘non-LFS students and staff’
3. Be clear about sponsored tickets – send applications to
4. be clear about 19+
5. semi-formal event
6. Wording of description: Come celebrate the land and community of British
Columbia with a 5 course meal made with local ingredients!
7. Add location of where tickets will be sold – online
8. In consistencies with ‘th’ after dates + write full month ‘November’ and add
year, 2015
9. Dates for regular pricing?
10. Font mixing – info in one font (san serif) and major information in another
11. remove ‘when’ and ‘when’ – just state information
K) WND updates
a. Future partnerships need to be discussed in council meetings
b. Forward schedule and plans to council
L) Thrive Week
a. Katie recruited 1st performer (Ally Choo)
M) 2 new grills!!
a. Need helping hands to put grills together and convert propane
b. Old ones used for cooking meat, new ones used for fully vegetarian cooking – label clearly
c. Chain grills to building
N) Approval of the minutes as follows
Approval of LFSUS Meeting Minutes of October 8, 2015
Move: Jacqueline
Second: Katie
Adjournment: 1:41pm
Move: Jacqueline
Second: Kristy