April 22, 2015.
Dear LPSE Parent or Guardian,
In the next few weeks, your scholar will have the opportunity to complete a science
project in my class. Students will have the opportunity to collaborate with another student in the
same class as a team. The science project’s objective is to give every team hands-on experience
using the scientific method. Each team will have the chance to plan and implement an
experiment on a topic of their choice. While students will have three weeks of class time to work
on their project, you can help motivate your scholar by taking an interest in the project at home as
Each team will enter his or her science project (in the form of a display board) in the
2 Annual LPSE Science Fair, which will take place on Tuesday, May 26 . The emphasis of our
project is not on winning, but on having a positive learning experience and having fun. Display
boards and some art supplies will be provided by LPSE, however, please feel free to send any
extra supplies on the days we are working on the display boards (May 20 – 23 ).
I am including with this letter a copy of a timeline for our projects as well as the rubric with
which science projects will be graded. We will begin talking about the science fair in class on
Thursday, April 30 , after the science TCAP. Please spend some time helping your scholar think
of topics that they are interested in; for a list of possible topics please visit my webpage: They will have more time to develop a topic and
investigative question the following Monday and Tuesday but if you would like to be involved in
helping them develop their topic, please discuss it sooner! Scholars will have the opportunity to
perform their experiments in class on Monday, May 11 . However, students are encouraged to
complete their experiments at home before that day, if possible. The weekend of May 9 and
10 would be an excellent time to complete the experiment, if your scholar decided to do it at
home. Please let me know if you have any questions!
While this will be a fun experience for scholars, it will also count as a major 4 Quarter
grade and your assistance with helping your scholar adhere to all due dates will be appreciated!
If you have any questions, concerns or other comments about what is contained in this packet,
please feel free to call or e-mail me at anytime. I am very much looking forward to seeing what
amazing projects our scholars develop!!
Alexandra Valdes
[email protected]
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Parent and Scholar Acknowledgement
· I have read and understand the Science Fair Project rubric, timeline and due dates. I
understand that components are due on the date listed and any late components will result
in a deduction.
· I understand that I can contact Dr. Valdes with any questions, at any point! I know that
this Science Fair Project will be a FUN way to show how much I have learned in science this
Scholar’s Signature: ___________________________________________
Parent/Guardian Signature: ___________________________________