Biology 122- Room 110
Mrs. Standring
[email protected] twitter:@mlangstandring
Introduction: In Biology 12, students take the next step and begin to focus on Biology at
a molecular level. We will study how organisms grow and pass along characteristics to
future generations, and how this impacts living things at the species and population
level. Also, we will delve further into the grade 11 units by studying systems that allow
multicellular organisms to maintain equilibrium internally and with their environment.
Course Requirements:
A mark of at least 60% in Biology 122 is required.
Textbook: Biology Miller/Levine
Units Covered:
Unit 1 Genetic Continuity
Mitosis, Meiosis, DNA structure and replication, Gene expression, Inheritance,
Genetic engineering
o Chapter 2: The Chemistry of Life
o Chapter 12: DNA and RNA (replication, protein synthesis)
o Chapter 13: Genetic Engineering
o Chapter 10: Cell Growth and Division (mitosis)
o Chapter 11: Introduction to Genetics (Mendel, meiosis)
o Chapter 14: The Human Genome
Unit 2 Evolution, Change, and Diversity
Evolutionary Theory, Mechanisms and Patterns of Evolution
o Chapter 15: Darwin’s Theory of Evolution
o Chapter 16: Evolution of Populations
Unit 3 Homeostasis and Systems
Nervous System, Brain, Fertilization, Development, Child Birth
o Chapter 35: The Nervous System
o Chapter 39: The Endocrine and Reproductive System
Materials Required:
A binder for notes, handouts, and day to day work.
A lab book for the labs and assignments we will be doing this year.
Labs/ Assignments
Final Exam
Research Paper
You are responsible for your own learning. To be successful YOU MUST read the chapters,
complete the assigned work, learn the vocabulary, take good notes and complete the review
It is my responsibility to prepare you for university course work. With this is mind, I will be
teaching and marking accordingly to ensure future success. This class will not be based on
regurgitation of facts, but in understanding of systems, theories, and developing critical and
analytical thinking.