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Welcome to Grade 11 University preparation Biology! This course is intended to develop your
understanding of the basics concepts of Biology and living systems. To do this, we will explore the
following units:
Unit #1
Unit #2
Diversity of Living Things
All living things can be classified according to their anatomical and physiological characteristics.
Human activities affect the diversity of living things in ecosystems.
Genetic Processes
Genetic and genomic research can have social and environmental implications.
Variability and diversity of living organisms result from the distribution of genetic materials during the
process of meiosis.
Unit #3 Evolution
 Evolution is the process of biological change over time based on the relationships between species and
their environments.
 The theory of evolution is a scientific explanation based on a large accumulation of evidence.
 Technology that enables humans to manipulate the development of species has economic and
environmental implications.
Unit #4 Animals: Structure and Function
 Groups of organs with specific structures and functions work together as systems, which interact with
other systems in the body.
 The development and uses of technology to maintain human health are based, in part, on the changing
needs of society.
Unit #5 Plants: Anatomy, Growth and Function
 Plants have specialized structures with distinct functions that enable them to respond and adapt to their
 Plant variety is critical to the survival and sustainability of ecosystems.
Throughout the course we will discuss the history and development of scientific thinking, study the
theory behind biological concepts, develop and conduct investigations of real and simulated living
systems and explore how these ideas manifest in current and emerging problems in society.
All university preparation courses are intended to equip students with the knowledge and skills they
need to meet the entrance requirements for university programs. However, this course is also meant
to provide students with the skills and strategies to observe and think critically about all aspects of
their world.
Final Mark Breakdown
Your final mark will be determined by your
ability to meet course expectations during the
term, on a culminating performance task (CPT),
as well as midterm and final exams (according to
the graph shown).
Within each of these areas, evaluation will be
weighted according to the following:
Knowledge and Understanding
Thinking and Investigation
Final Exam
Term Mark
During the term you will be evaluated in a variety of ways including, but not limited to: tests,
assignments, labs, projects, presentations, observation, homework, and group tasks. Each assignment,
including work habits and in-class observation can influence your final mark.
Each student is expected to take ownership over his or her learning and apply the
following standards:
Be punctual – respect your class schedule and dedicate a full 75 minutes to each class
Be prepared – have a separate binder for Biology class, have extra lined paper in it and bring it
every day with something to write with
Be responsible –do homework and assignments by the date set and try your best
Dress professionally – full uniform is expected each day
If you’re sick, be responsible for the information you missed (have a homework buddy)
Behave in a professional manner – be polite and respectful to all, as you will often have to work
with others to complete larger tasks
Be safe at all times – especially when conducting laboratory work
Be proud of your work – don’t hand in something you’re not proud of or that isn’t your own
Overall, I would like to help you to be as successful as possible in this course. My goal
is to have you all finish this course not only with a passing grade, but with some useful
knowledge that can help you throughout your studies and outside school. In order to do
this, you need to be proactive and complete homework, read over your notes, ask
for help WHEN YOU START to feel confused and tell me what I can do to make
this course relevant to you.
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