June 10 2014 - St Andrew`s Primary School

St Andrews Primary School
Parent Council Meeting
Tuesday 10th June 2014
1. Welcome
Delivered by Louise Allan
Attendees: Mara Mathews, Louise Allan, Marie Paul, Lee Downie, Audrey Mac Donald & Mark
Apologies: Joanne Hunter, Ronnie Taylor, Katherine Malone, Nicola Laing, Helena Macleay, Katherine
Malone & Maureen Dickson.
Louise informed the Council that Julie Gillespie & Audrey Pollock would like to leave the Parent
Adoption of the previous minutes.
The minutes of the last meeting on Thursday 1st May were reviewed
Proposed by Mara Matthews
Seconded by Marie Paul
3. Head Teachers Report/ Update
Logo negotiations re the sports jacket have not reached a conclusion yet. The new design with the
school’s motto have been finalised.
There was lots of talk re the pros and cons of owning our new logo mainly ‘purchasing’ it ourselves or
being tied to the uniform supplier. We need to find out more about copyright. It was suggested that
perhaps Ronnie Taylor could advise us more on this.
Further talks needed on this once we have all the info we need to make a more informed decision.
Future school uniform would include a Blazer (not compulsory). Shirt & tie preferably for the upper
school. After this P7 class leave there will be no more grey P7 hoodie. St Andrew’s uniform should be
kept to red or black cardigan or V-neck & Black trousers or skirt although it was recognised that some
Parents would have already purchased school clothes for next academic year so might not have the
Visit 3 was very successful. Visiting were Gillian Grant (Gorebridge PS), Linda St Clair (Fairfield
House) & Nicola McDowall ASG School Group Manager. They were only looking at maths. There
were meetings with Mara, Ronnie Taylor, some Parents and Pupils. Their findings were positive with
new strategies working well. Numeracy had improved hugely. There were better results in problem
solving and information handling than there were in shapes, position & movement, fractions and
decimals. New strategies are needed for these. St Andrew’s is encouraging lifelong learning eg. using
senarios like a visit to the Museum which takes into account, time, money, problem solving and
logistics. They will carry this type of learning further next academic year. The Kids had a good
understanding of the language of learning, using correct terminology.
Writing & spelling had significantly improved so no other subject had suffered in the maths
improvement process.
P7 Leavers Disco – 26th June
CH doing invites for P4-7
MP to pick-up Kenny (Disco)
LA getting Kenny’s sweets
HM & MP to get food (LA & MP doing cupcakes, although will price
Costco cupcakes too).
End of term assembly - Friday 27th June 10.45am – 12noon
To include prize-giving, best student
from each class.
There is clear criteria for these awards.
Discussions took place re award medals being given out in the future instead of certificates. It was felt
that certificates would suffice.
P7 Graduation & Burke & Hare Performance – doors open at 6.00pm with the graduation ceremony
starting at 6.30pm. No tea or coffee needed from the PC. Wendy Sutherland will be giving out the
certificates. Burke & Hare show to start at 7.15pm and will take approximately 45 minutes.
P7’s will get their voucher and disco from the PC, yearbook, certificate, book & pen from the school. |It
was recognised that the P7’s usually have an outing to themselves. The Burke & Hare show however,
will be something they and their Parents will not forget.
As the planned extension to the school is going ahead, there is no money left to do the fence and steps up
to the playing field. Once the extension is done we could look into playground ideas.
Once the extension is complete, there will be 7 classrooms. No composite classes.
4. Treasurer’s Report
We currently have £3,198.08.
It was felt that the annual gift from the Parent Council to the School of £500 for the school trip buses
would not be needed in full. Mara will ask Shelagh to let the Treasurer know how much is actually
The Summer Fair made a profit of £1,129.23
Marie will get the P7 leavers (18) Tesco vouchers. £7 each (as agreed at March meeting).
We have 28 givers using TheGivingMachine and they have managed to accumulate £32.38 for St
Marie doing a June PC Newsletter and also a Summer Fair feedback form, suggested by LA.
LA & MM sorted Lets for 2014/15, they are
Halloween Disco
Christmas Fair
St Andrew’s Asem
Daytime Nativity
Evening Nativity
Christmas Party
Thurs 30 October 2014
Thursday 27 November 2014
Friday 28th November 2014
Monday 15 December 2014
Tuesday 16 December 2014
Wednesday 17 December 2014
Summer Fair
P& Leavers Disco
P7 Graduation
Next meeting: Thursday 28th August 2014
Saturday 23 May 2015
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Tuesday 30 June 2015