Researching the Leaders

Researching the Leaders
1. How long has Justin Trudeau been the leader of the Liberal Party?
2. Give 5 specific things the Liberals say they’ll do if Trudeau is Prime Minister.
3. Who is the Liberal candidate for your area?
4. What is the toll free number for the Liberal Party’s national office?
5. What did Justin Trudeau do before getting into politics?
1. When did Stephen Harper become Prime Minister of Canada?
2. Give 5 specific things the Conservatives say they’ll do if Harper is re-elected.
3. Who is the Member of Parliament for your area?
4. When will Canadians go to the polls for the next federal election?
5. Give two facts about Stephen Harper that you didn’t know before this class.
1. How long has Thomas Mulcair been the leader of the NDP?
2. Who is the federal NDP candidate for your area?
3. Who is Jack Layton and what does it mean when they say Tom Mulcair was Layton’s “right
3 Things Mulcair will do if he is elected Prime Minister.
5. What is the toll free number for the NDP federal office?
IF you were to vote in the next election, who would you vote for? Why? Maybe you’re still
undecided. Which candidate(s) would you most likely vote for if you could? Why?