File - Mr. Young`s Stuff

•Japan’s government is based on democratic principals
adopted after WWII.
•The government has three branches: executive,
legislative, and judicial.
•The executive branch includes the emperor, a prime
minister, and the cabinet.
•The emperor serves as the nation’s head
of state; however, he has no real
•He merely acts as the representative of Japan.
•The prime minister leads the government
had appoints the cabinet.
•The cabinet helps the prime minster lead
the country
•The legislative branch consists of a bicameral body
called the Diet.
•It consists of two houses: the House of Councilors and
the House of Representatives.
•Japanese citizens elect the members of the Diet who are
responsible for making the laws of the country.
•Japan’s supreme court heads its judicial branch.
•It has complete independence and makes sure the other
branches carry out their duties according to the
•Japan’s economy is a thriving market economy and one
of the wealthiest in the world.
•Prices of goods and services are based on supply and
•The government owns very little industry and trade
remains mostly unrestricted.
The republic of Korea- Commonly known as
South Korea is based on democratic prinicple’s
after WWII and the Korean War.
It has a President and a Prime Minister.
There are three branches of government:
Executive, Legislative, and Juducal.
There is a unicameral national assembly which
members hold a 4 year term.
Sufferage is Universal at 19.
In the past few decades, South Korea has
achieved tremendous growth to pull them
from the ruble of the Korean War.
The economy has moved from a centralized
government controlled type to a more market
oriented one.
They have become the United States 7th largest
trading partner.
In addition, they have the 15th largest economy
in the world.
Kim Jung IL is given the title of Eternal
President of the Republic.
 He is the General Secretary of the KWP( Korean worker’s Party). This gives him
Supreme Power
 Little is known about the Power and structure
of the government despite what their
Constitution outlines.
Light industry though it has abundant natural
Agriculture and fishing account for about 30 %
of the economy.
All economic activities are carried out in
accordance with the state sponsored plans.
The government structure is based on the
Vietnamese communist party.
The party exercises its control in all areas.
The economy is a mixed/command system,
with the VCP - Vietnamese Communist Party
Controlling all economic decisions.
 Their economy is agricultural based with some
light industry.