Answers - Kent Soil and Water Conservation District

Farming Cross Word Answers
Corn Popular crop also known as maize
Soybean Legume used for oil, animal feed, and to make products like soy-milk and tofu
Wheat Cereal grain that can be used in making bread
Tractor A vehicle used to help with farming
Rooster A male chicken
Soil Another name for dirt
Buffer A strip of grasses, trees, or shrubs between crops and a body of water to take up excess nutrients
Irrigation Water added to plants to help them grow better
Fertilizer Nutrients added to plants to help them grow better
Conservation Protecting our resources (Hint Soil _________ District)
Heifer A female cow how has not given birth to a calf yet
Piglet A baby pig
Pasture A field of grasses used for grazing
Organic A method of farming that relies on natural fertilizers and pest control
Pesticide Chemicals used to control insects and weeds