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Heat H1



Do you know … Why is sun hot?

What is really happening to wood when it burns? Why does ice-cream melt on a hot fruit pie?

What is heat?

• Heat is a type of ENERGY. What is cold? • Heat always passes from HOT things to COLD things. • Most of the heat energy on Earth comes form the energy that radiates form the Sun. • Without heat, nothing on Earth could live.

Sources of heat • • • • • Sun Fire/Burning Electricity Friction Mixing/combining two or more things together

How is heat produced? • The movement of particles produce heat. • • • • Burning Friction Electricity Mixing different substances

How does heat travel? • Heat can travel through solid, liquid and gases. • Always from warmer object to a cooler one. • Heat travels in three ways • Conduction • Convection • Radiation

Why do we trap heat? To keep our food warm To keep something from getting warm To make us feel comfortable

How can we trap heat?

Using materials called INSULATORS

Why do we need materials that get hot easily? • To cook our food faster • To conduct electricity (metal wires) • To cool our drinks easily • How can we do this? • Using materials called CONDUCTORS

Sort as thermal insulator or conductor

How is heat measured? • Temperature • Device used to measure the temperature is called – Thermometer