Early Georgia Land Policies


Early Georgia’s Land Policies

Complete a chart that compares and contrasts the Georgia Land Policies from the

American Revolution to 1840.

Description of land distribution

Amount of land distributed

Areas of Georgia distributed

Previous ownership of the land distributed

Eligibility for receiving the land

Headright System Land Lottery Yazoo Land Fraud

After completing the chart, analyze the information and write a paragraph explaining the method you feel in the fairest method of distribution. Support your opinion with evidence from the chart.

Map it out!

Use the following directions to discover how Georgia was affected by early land policies.

1. Outline the boundaries of Georgia as stated in the original charter. (pg. 116)

2. Shade pink the areas of Georgia that were distributed by means of the

Headright System.

3. Use orange and shade the areas distributed by means of the Land Lottery.

4. As a result of the French and Indian War, Georgia lost the western territories and the western boundary was formed by the Mississippi River. Draw and label in

blue the Mississippi River.

5. Indicated in black, how Georgia’s boundary changed as a result of the Yazoo

Land scandal.