Land Policies Guided Notes

Unit 6: Growth and Expansion
Land Policies
 After the Revolutionary War, Georgia ______________________ access to a large amount of land from
the _________________________________ who sided with the British.
 The land Georgia claimed stretched all the way to _______________________________.
 The Revolutionary War veterans believed that all citizens had the ______________________ to land
o Georgia’s political leadership _________________________________.
o The question became what was the best way to __________________ the land to the people of
the state.
Headright System:
 The first approach to allocate the land was called the __________________________________.
o Georgia gave _____________________ of acres to Revolutionary War veterans. (ex. Austin
o __________________ of households (white men over the age of 21) began with 200 acres and
had the “___________________” to receive up to 1,000 acres, depending on whether they had a
family or slaves.
o 50 acres for each family member, 10 acres for each slave
 This system _____________________ when there were too many claimants and not enough land. It
lasted until 1803.
 _______________________________________: someone who buys property expecting that its value
will increase and it will be sold at a profit
 bribe: ______________________________________________________________________________
 _____________________________: to surrender ownership to land
Yazoo Act:
 The lure of money led the government to
 The 1,000 acres limit was not adhered to.
o They granted __________________ land than
________________ to land speculators who hoped to make a
________________ profit later.
o This practice is known as “______________________.”
 Other land speculators wanted the vast amount of territory
that is _________________________________________.
o Speculators in four companies _________________
legislators to pass a bill that sold them huge tracks of land in
the ______________________ (currently Alabama and
Mississippi) for a really cheap price.
o This came to be known as the _____________________________________________________.
o When the citizens found out, they were ___________________________________!
 The ________________________ burned the Yazoo Act on the steps of the Capitol in Louisville.
 The act was _____________________________ in 1796.
 The _________________________ government paid more than $_______ million to help Georgia settle
Yazoo land claims.
 In 1802, Georgia __________ (gave up) its land claims _______________ of the Chattahoochee River to
the federal government for $1.25 million.
Land Lottery:
 The _________________________________ changed the way that land was granted in Georgia.
 The final approach Georgia used for land allocation was the _______________________________.
o It gave people an ___________________ chance to the land.
o Every free white male who lived in Georgia for a ________________ was given one chance.
o A man with a ___________________ was given ________________________ chances.
o A ______________________ with children was given ________________ chances.