1. On map one and using an Oxford Atlas, shade the United Kingdom
and the United States.
On the map of the United States, shade the states of Louisiana, Mississippi
and Alabama.
Make sure you label each of the shaded areas on your map. Your labels
should be produced using a ruler.
Finally, give your map a title.
2. Using the statements and map two, produce an annotated map to
show the impacts of the disaster.
Firstly, shade and label the states of shade the states of Louisiana,
Mississippi and Alabama.
Make sure the labels are geographically correct in terms of location.
For those, statements that aren’t geographically specific, classify them within
the wider impacts box.
3. Look at the statements. Classify the statements according to the key on
map two.
Finally, give your map a title.
1. In New Orleans,
Louisiana, rescue
missions were called
off because of looting
and lawlessness.
6. A total of 1,836
people died, with 705
officially missing.
2. 1 million people
were evacuated from
New Orleans.
100,000 refused to
7. The forestry
industry in Mississippi
was devastated: 1.3
million acres of trees
were lost, at a cost
of $5 Billion.
3. 80% of New
Orleans was
submerged under 6ft
of water.
4. Productive farm
land was ruined by
salt water.
5. President Bush was
criticised for
responding too slowly
to the disaster.
8. In Gulfport,
Mississippi, 100,000
people were left
9. The total damage
of the hurricane was
$105 billion
11. The tidal surge
caused significant
coastal erosion in
12. The area relies
on tourists. Hotels
and facilities were
16. The habitats of
pelicans and turtles
were destroyed.
17. Flood waters
containing toxic
chemicals and raw
sewage were pumped
into the nearby lake,
causing damage to
13. Flooding damaged
petrochemical plants,
releasing toxic
chemicals into the
18. New Orleans is
below sea level, and
lies between the river
and a lake.
14. The UK offered
350,000 army meals,
but these were
rejected due to laws
on mad cow disease.
19. Aid was offered
from around the
10. 10,000 national
guard troops were
sent to Louisiana and
Mississippi to help
communities and
maintain law and
15. The hurricane
brought nearly 30cm
of rain in a few days.
20.There was a risk
of water diseases
across the area, as
dead bodies could not
be buried.
Map 2.
Wider impacts.
Map 1.