Mississippi CJG2 SWT

Mississippi. That is a weird word Mississippi everybody in the old days
used to say M I squiggly line, squiggly line, I humpback humpback I. The squiggly lines refer to s's and the
humpbacks refer to P's. People made that up from how S and P look like. That is why Mississippi is a
weird word. I wonder if you were walking from Mississippi to Louisiana.....
If you did walk from Mississippi to Louisiana then that would be far. But it also depends
on where in Mississippi you started at and where in Louisiana you ended at. Lets say you started on the
border of the Mississippi River and ended New Orleans. I wonder how long that would take. But then it
makes you think that it also depends on how fast of a walker you are. Lets say you walk 5 miles per hour.
I don't know how many miles it would be to get there though.