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Theme: Soil and Rock Mechanics
Anisotropic behavior of marine clay subjected to monotonic loading
Banerjee, S# and Balaji, P*
Assistant Professor, Indian institute of Technology-Madras, Chennai. E-mail :
Research scholar, Indian institute of Technology-Madras, Chennai. E-mail :
It is now well-understood that the isotropically consolidated clay samples do not represent true
in-situ stress-strain behavior. In the present paper a series of triaixial tests was conducted to
study the effect of anisotropy on the response of the marine clay subjected to monotonic loading.
Samples were prepared using slurry consolidation method. The stress induced anisotropy was
developed by varying major and minor principal stresses to required stress ratios. The studies
conducted for different stress ratios, stress histories and pre-consolidation pressures.
Experimental results showed that the degree of anisotropy had significant effect on shear
strength and effective stress path of the soil. Based on the experimental observations, a
constitutive model, where yield surface can expand and rotate in a p-q space, was proposed to
incorporate the anisotropic behavior. Finally the results computed from the proposed model were
compared with test results for normally consolidated, lightly over consolidated and heavily over
consolidated clays.