Practical workshops of Children Diseases and Pediatric Surgery (17

Practical workshops of Children Diseases and Pediatric Surgery (17 topics)
Autumn 2015
Time: 8:00 – 12:07
Length: 24 workshops (17 Children diseases, 7 Pediatric Surgery)
Pediatric Centre (Satnariškių 4, Room 204)
Endocrinology – by R. Kemežys
1. Type-1 diabetes in children. Early and late complications. Type-2 diabetes in children.
2. Adrenal diseases in children.
Neurology – by J. Grikinienė
1. Epilepsy in children. Symptomatic paroxysms. Febrile seizures. Non-epileptic paroxysms.
2. Development disorders in children. Cerebral palsy. Hereditary neuro-muscular diseases.
Hematology – by L. Ragelienė
1. Anemia in children. Differential diagnostics.
2. Hemoblastosis in children. Treatment, hospitalization.
3. Pathology of macrophag cells.
Rheumatic diseases and vasculitis – by V. Panavienė
1. Idiopathic juvenile arthritis in children.
2. Systemic connective tissue diseases.
3. Vasculitis in children.
Outpatient Pediatric Centre – Antakalnio 57, Small lecture room.
Cardiology – by O. Kinčinienė
1. Inflammatory and hereditary heart diseases in children.
2. Heart rhythm disorders: bradiarrhythmias, tachyarrhythmias.
3. Visual and instrumental diagnostics in pediatric cardiology.
Pediatric Intensive Care and Anesthesiology Centre – Santariškių 7, Room 431; Neonatology centre –
Santariškių 7.
Intensive care in pediatrics – by V. Žilinskaitė, R. Vankevičienė
1. Advanced life support in pediatrics. Coma. Differential diagnostics and emergency
2. Acute respiratory disorder, shock. Differential diagnostics and emergency management.
3. Acute cardiac disorders. Differential diagnostics and emergency management.
4. Disorders of homeostasis in children. Acid – base state disorders. Principals of infusion therapy.
Surgery centre – Santariškių 7
Urology – by G. Verkauskas
1. Congenital disorders of urinary system (urinary tract (UT) obstruction, vesicourether reflux,
bladder extrophy). UT infection, urolithiasis.
2. Anomalies of urinary system (hypospadia, epispadia, cryptorchidism, phimosis, paraphimosis).
Oncology and suppurative diseases – by G. Pošiūnas
1. Suppuritave diseases: acute hematogenic osteomyelitis, cutaneous and subcutaneous
suppuritave diseases, destructive pulmonary diseases. Pulmonary tract foreign bodies.
Oncology in children. Benign and malign tumors in children.
Emergency surgery in pediatrics – by K. Trainavičius.
1. Acute appendicitis, acute intestinal blockage, abdomen and retroperitoneal space trauma.
2. Congenital blockage on gastrointestinal tract: atresia of esophagus, duodenum, intestines,
Hischprung disease congenital pylorostenosis, malrotation. Pulmonary tract anomalies
(diaphragmatic hernia, bronchial anomalies, lung anomalies)
Traumatology and orthopedics – by K. Saniukas
1. Basic orthopedic diseases in children (dystonia, congenital luxation of hip joint, scoliosis,
congenital feet deformations, etc.)
2. Traumatology and accidents in children: bone fractures, burns, frostbites).