NPR Carbon Questions

NPR Carbon Videos
Global Warming
What is the atom, on which, global warming depends?
Where do we find carbon?
How much carbon are we?
Carbon is THE central element of ____________.
Carbon is the __________of life.
Carbon likes to bond to other _________.
Making Carbon Bonds
1. Carbon bonding to hydrogen makes ____________
2. Draw methane:
3. Carbon atoms make tight _______connections called ___________.
4. Fossil fuels contain a lot of __________.
5. Fossil fuels are formed from ________that is ______and contain a lot of ___________.
Breaking Carbon Bonds
1. How do we get energy out of the carbon bonds in paper?
2. Once these carbon to carbon bonds are broken, carbon forms new bonds with _____ and in
the meantime gives off its extra energy as ________.
3. How do we get the carbon to carbon band energy out of food?
4. How do we get the carbon bond energy out of fuel?
Carbon in Love
1. When you break the carbon bonds in food and then exhale, you exhale _______?
2. What comes out of a fuel pipe or a fire?
3. The most favorable element for Carbon to bond with, once it’s broken away from another
carbon is ____________.
4. What happens to the new carbon dioxide?
5. What do CO2 molecules do when they are ’hit’ with energy from the sun?
6. What happens when more and more CO2 is made and is heated up?
What Do We Do?
1. What are some things we can do to create less carbon?
2. What is the name of the process that ‘gets rid’ of carbon?
3. What is more important in dealing with global warming? Getting rid of CO2 or making choices to
use less? Pick one and defend your claim.