Global Warming
1. What is the atom, on which, global warming depends? _____________________________
2. Where do we find Carbon? __________________________________________________
3. How much Carbon are we? _________________
4. Carbon is THE central element of __________________
5. Carbon is the __________________________ of life.
6. Carbon likes to bond to other _________________.
Making Carbon Bonds
1. Carbon bonding to hydrogen makes ____________.
2. Draw methane:
3. Carbon atoms make tight ______________________ connections called ________________
4. Fossil fuels contain a lot of ________________________
5. Fossil fuels are formed from ______________________ that is _____________________ and
contain a lot of _________________________________________
Breaking Carbon Bonds
1. How do you get the energy out of the carbon bonds in the paper? ___________________
2. Once these carbon to carbon bonds are broken Carbon forms new bonds with _______________
and in the mean time gives off its extra energy as ______________.
3. How do we get the carbon to carbon bond energy out of food? ___________________________
4. How do we get the carbon bond energy out of fuels? _________________
Carbon in Love
1. When you break the carbon bonds in food and then exhale, you exhale _______
2. What comes out of a fuel pipe or a fire? ___________
3. The most favorable element for Carbon to bond with, once it’s broken away from another carbon
is __________________
4. What happens to the new Carbon dioxide? ___________________________________________
5. What do CO2 molecules do when they are ‘hit’ with energy from the sun? _________________
6. What happens when more and more CO2 is made and is heated up? ______________________
What do we do?
1. What are some things we can do to create less carbon? _________________________________
2. What is the name of the process that ‘gets rid’ of carbon? _______________________________
3. What is more important in dealing with global warming? Getting rid of CO2 or making choices
to use less? Pick one and explain why you think that. __________________________________