505: Data Collection Results

Grade Cam Data Collection Results
The following results were taken from the GradeCam survey made using SurveyMonkey.com
and distributed to 67 teachers at Timberline High School. A total of 37 teachers responded to my
survey representing 55% of the staff. For the full survey, please see Appendix 3.
1. Do you use a Grade Cam in your classroom? If the answer is no, please submit your survey.
Total Respondents: 37
2. What content area do you teach in?
Other Elective Course
Physical Education/Health
Social Studies
3. Do you allow your students to grade their own work using the Grade Cam student view
4. If no, why not?
-unfamiliar with the feature
-Don't have one
-I just use it as a document projector.
-I am not familiar with Grade Cam
-sometimes for formative assessments, but I have found that for tests there is too much
activity around the gradecam for me to be sure that they don't cheat and to ensure
-I couldn't get it to install properly on my computer, even with the help of the tech
5. Do you use the immediate feedback you receive from the Item Analysis function in Grade
Cam to inform your teaching?
6. If yes, how does it affect the topic you are teaching?
-Of course, the immediate feature allows reteaching, remediation, etc.
-Provides an immediate check for understanding
-it is better than scantron and allows me to reteach objectives that the students missed.
this is a great tool.
-It helps when I go back through the test with the students to identify where they had
problems and to influence how I teach that topic the next year. It is really nice to assess
where the kids went wrong and discuss with them when and where we covered things.
-I analyze the areas that I need to reteach and do so either that day or the next. At times I
adjust my grades due to analysis. I also give non-graded gradecam assessments strictly
for teaching information.
-We discuss why they other questions were chosen over the correct one. Can correct
-It lets me know what types of problems the students need more practice with. I
sometimes have assignments based on which problems they missed on gradecam quizzes.
-Allows me to review important concepts that were missed, and if 50% miss, then I
reteach that concept and retest
-It directs the review of the test and allows me an opportunity to revisit topics that
students did
Discussion of Results
There are 67 teachers at Timberline High School and 37 of those individuals answered my
survey with only 10 reporting that they used GradeCam in their classroom. This means that only
18% of the staff has or currently uses GradeCam in their class. This shows that it is not a very
widely used or known tool among the staff. It could possibly be that many are just used to using
the Scantron machine that is centrally located in the staff copy room and are hesitant to change
what has worked for them thus far. As mentioned previously, if teachers were to change to using
GradeCam, the school would no longer have to purchase the costly answer sheets and teachers
would be able to have their own GradeCam in their classroom.
Grade Cam was most widely used in the Social Studies, Science, and English department with
Math following at a close second. As all of these classes lend themselves to objective
assessment, it shows that these teachers would find this tool useful in their classroom.
The number of teachers who have their students grade their own work was split in half with eight
in each category. Teachers who answered the follow-up response question about why they
answered no, identified that they either did not know the function existed or that they found that
it was too difficult to negotiate students while they were all grading their own tests. Eight
teachers do seem to find it useful showing that this feature is used by some. One teacher even
mentioned using it as a document cam for displaying other documents to their class which could
also be another useful feature.
A majority of teachers (9) responded that they did use the Item Analysis function in GradeCam,
while five responded that they did not. The follow-up question asked teachers why they used it
and most of them responded that it did impact their teaching soon after the results were looked
at. Some also mentioned that it helped clear up any misconceptions that students might have and
another teacher stated that it helped facilitate whole class discussions about the material. Two
teachers also mentioned that it formed what their end of unit test might look like or what they
would review as a result of what the item analysis results were.
Without GradeCam, these teachers might not be able to get the instant results that they do get
from having their own scanning ability in their rooms and students would definitely not get the
instant feedback that GradeCam can give them if they are scanning their own work.