Problem Set #4 (15 points)
ECOL 340 Plant Form, Function & Diversity
Spring 2007
NAME __KEY_________________
(1) Matching. (7 points)
__G__ Supply Function
A. Minimize light limitations
__I__ CAM photosynthesis
B. Leaves responde to ABA and leaf water potential
__K__ Acclimation
C. Change in trait over generations
__B___ Anisohydric species
D. Maximize carboxylation limitations
__F___ Photorespiration
E. Carbon fixation/ calvin cycle spatially separated
__J__ Abscisic acid
F. Causes higher compensation point in C3 plants
__A___ Shade leaves
G. Limited by stomatal response to light and water
__L__ AOPT
H. Lowers leaf conductance with carbon assimilation
__M___ Isohydric species
I. Carbon fixation/ calvin cycle temporarily separated
__C__ Adaptation
J. Decrease stomatal conductance
__H___ WUE
K. Change in trait within hours
__E___ C4 photosynthesis
L. Peak in net carbon assimilation rate
__N__ Acclimatization
M. Found in mesic habitats
__D___ Sun leaves
N. Change in trait within lifetime of plant
(2) State whether the following characteristics are for a plant that is CAM or C4 or both
(C4 and CAM), C3 or ALL (C3, C4 and CAM (1 point each).
Fix CO2 using PEP carboxylase to create a 4 carbon molecule ____BOTH______
Accumulate malic acid in vacuoles ____CAM_______
Have increased CO2 in mesophyll cells relative to rest of cell ____CAM _______
Organic acids decarboxylated to produce CO2___BOTH ________
Higher WUE and NUE ____C4 _(both)______
Calvin cycle is used to make sugar from carbon dioxide ___ALL________
Found in hot/dry, shady, high elevation and aquatic environments ___CAM________
CO2 is assimilated in bundled sheath cells _____C4______
Fix CO2 using Rubisco to create phosphoglycerate _ALL__________
Decreased stomatal opening during hot part of day ____CAM, BOTH, ALL (poorly worded