Pig-Heart Boy
By Malorie Blackman
The cover on the book is interesting. It does not
look like any other book I have seen.There is
different colour boxes around each letter.
Another thing I noticed that was on the cover
was a heart moniter. This is a good thing to put
on the cover I think because it is about a heart.
This story is about a boy who catches a virus that
harms his heart. He cannot do everything his
friends can like swimming and football. When a
doctor decides he can help Cam and give him a
heart, Cam jumps at the chance. The only
problem is it isn't a human donor.......
Dr. Bryce
My favourite character in the story is Dr. Bryce.
This is the man who comes to Cam and his
family with the offer of the heart. I like him
because he seemed nice and caring. He offered
support and advice to Cam and anyone in his
family who needed it.
My least favourite character in the story was
Marlon. Marlon plays the role of Cam's best
friend. I don't like him because he betrays Cam
for money even though Marlon is the only one to
I would give this book 4 out of 5 stars because I
think it ended very sudddenly and if there was
another one or two chapters I would have given
it five stars I think. I would recommend this book
to girls and boys from ages 10-15.
The End