Brief on Wetland Plant ID Course 2015

2015 Wetland Plant Identification Course - Brief
Welcome to the Wetland Plant Identification Course. We look forward to meeting you. Below are all the
details of the course.
Time: Starts 9.30am SHARP Finishes 4.00pm
Location: Treetops, Spencer’s Bridge, Cohuna-Koondrook Rd, Cohuna, Victoria.
What to Bring:
 Gum Boots essential to having a fully immersive experience (all three dates).
 Waders (probably only for February 2016)
 Hot weather gear: Sunscreen and sunhat etc
 Wet weather gear: waterproof jacket and warm clothing
 Mosquito repellent/protection
 Water bottle
 Pen and notebook (one for notes and one if you want to press your specimens)
 Personal first aid items if relevant
 Hand lens and/or microscope if you have your own (these will be available to share)
 Optional extras: binoculars (always be prepared for birds), plant press
Preparing for the session – Collect Specimens
If you are keen to learn any of your local wetland plants we encourage you to collect specimens and bring
them along. We may have time during or after 4pm to give you a hand identifying them.
Best way to do this is to just sticky tape plants into a small journal (I use a small A5 or even smaller book)
Make notes on the same page as to the location, date, habitat (waters edge, dry land, under Red Gum etc),
plant characteristics - size etc and associated plants where the plant was collected.
If using a small book look for a smaller specimen and try to get all the key parts useful for identification
purposes (leaf, flower, fruits). If you cover the whole plant in sticky tape you will be surprised how well it is
Occupational Health and Safety
A course safety plan has been developed and will be presented at start of session. Site visits each day may
include wading knee to waist deep through a wetland; therefore participants will need to come with a set of
gum boots or waders.
The Murray River is a known breeding area for Ross River Fever, a mosquito borne disease, so please
come with mosquito protection (light coloured, long sleeved shirt and trousers – you can wash them in
machine with pyrethrum for added protection) and repellent.
What is provided?
 Morning and afternoon tea and lunch is provided (all will be vegetarian and gluten free for ease).
Snacks and fruit will be available.
Lowland Wetland Ecology Course 2014.
Rakali Ecological Consulting
Training notes.
Microscopes and hand lenses to share.
Map of Treetops Venue
Accommodation Recommendations
If you plan on staying the night we recommend: The Bower, 59-61 King George Street, Cohuna (54652425)
or if you have a big group, The Folly (0413603328). Both are charming (we do a lot of field work up here and
have tried them all!!)
Look forward to meeting you.
Elaine and Damien