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Green Resilient Office Certification Program
Below you’ll find useful information related to campus sustainability that can be integrated into
your daily work routine as well as fun/unique reminders about how to promote sustainability
across campus.
Travel Agents:
Did you know that the UO Travel Agents are contracted to provide reports on Greenhouse Gas
emissions associated with travel purchased through them? This data is incredibly useful when the
UO reports campus Greenhouse Gas emissions. Conversely, travel purchased on P-Cards or directly
by faculty/staff and then reimbursed, it is incredibly challenging to estimate the Greenhouse Gas
emissions associated with that travel. So, what’s in it for me you say? Click here to find out!
Specialty Recycling and Other Materials Management:
Click here for info on how to recycle things such as CDs, Diskettes and much more!
Did you know UO has a policy on Flexible work schedule?
Read the policy here!
Or copy and paste this link into your browser:
Insider Tip:
When you go to an event on campus with food, bring your own coffee cup to save on waste. Also,
the Starbucks cups sold on campus are unfortunately not compostable or recyclable – don’t buy
them or if you do, make sure to put them in the garbage. 
Fun Transportation Fact:
UO has one of the highest rates of community participation in active forms of transportation.
Find out more about how we get to campus and options for commuting.
Do you have purchasing authority? Did you know there are environmental commodity codes?
See the codes with an asterisk “*” here!
Green Resilient Office Coordinator