Ancient Chinese Work

Ancient Chinese Technology/martial
Around 2300 years ago, China was ahead of the enemy with their weaponry but
also their iron and bronze casting skills; putting together objects weighing
several tonnes.
Other technology that Ancient China had acquired includes silk for clothing,
paper for passing on information and a form of communication, the directional
compass, gunpowder for weaponry, boat rudders for steering, wheelbarrows for
transportation of small goods, umbrellas for sun and rain, and even acupuncture.
Chinese doctors knew about certain herbs to help sick people. They also knew
that eating good foods was important to being healthy.
Q1: Does the folk tale Mulan tell the same story as the Disney movie Mulan?
The script for the movie mirrors the folk tale even in the beginning for most of
the tale. In both the film and the tale, Mulan goes to train for war because her
father is being conscripted for an upcoming war. Both in the folk tale and the
movie, Mulan’s father taught her to use a sword and ride a horse. Her father
believed everybody should know how to fight, even girls. The reason I can say
this is that actual legitimate and reliable websites are telling the exact same tale
with the same details to do with the training, practices and battles. There is some
confusion between the ancient spoken tale and the film, which is time period.
The Disney film ‘Mulan’ states that Mulan fought in the Han Dynasty from 206 BC
until 220 AD whereas the legendary female warrior Hua Mulan was told to of
been a warrior of the Southern and Northern Dynasties that lasted from 420 to
589. The Southern and Northern Dynasties were later known as the six
Q2: What transportation was used in the film Mulan and was it legitimate to
transportation of the time that the film was set?
The film is set in the Han Dynasty, which was in 206 BC until 220 AD which is not
compatible with the actual tale of Hua Mulan.
Q3: Clothing worn by The Ancient Chinese military are the same as displayed in
TV shows and movies.
In Mulan, the text that I am relating to my hypothesis, the clothing is quite
different to what was worn in the Ancient Chinese battles. Example:
Q4: The battles that the ancient Chinese Army participated in are accurately
depicted by modern day movies and TV shows.
Chinese warfare is unlike that portrayed in TV and films.
13th of June: Useful information about the general Ancient Chinese Military and
how they lived
14th of June: Information about the general Ancient Chinese Military and how
they lived
17th of June: Information about Ancient Chinese battles and wars
17th of June: General information about Ancient China
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18th of June: Information and facts about the tale of Mulan
18th of June: Information and facts about the film Mulan
23rd of June: Helpful information to compare authenticity of Mulan, the Disney
Movie to the ancient spoken tale.
23rd of June: Background information about ancient China
23rd of June: Information about the different horse breeds used in ancient
Chinese warfare.
25th of June: Warfare and the life of a soldier.
23rd of July: Helpful opinion on whether the Disney film Mulan is truthful or not.
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