Disney Actually Does Teach You Things Submitted by

Disney Actually Does
Teach You Things
Submitted by Rachel Hulshof,
Morningside College,
Resident Assistant
Mulan — Mulan
Sometimes you have to
break a few rules for the
sake of your family and it
might even require ducttaping your boobs down.
Lilo — Lilo & Stitch
Family is more than just the
people you share DNA with, it’s
also the people you choose.
Belle —
Beauty and the Beast
Books can take you all kinds of
places, but don’t get so lost in
them you miss the real world
around you.
Hercules — Hercules
Don’t pattern your life after
celebrities. Being famous doesn’t
automatically make you a role
model. You have to earn being
called a hero.
Dory — Finding Nemo
Being forgetful doesn’t mean
you’re stupid, and being happy
doesn’t make you weird.
Flynn — Tangled
Don’t be afraid to let people know
the real you. You don’t have to
pretend to be someone else to
succeed. Be proud of who you are.
Rapunzel — Tangled
Venture outside your comfort
zone. The rewards are worth it.
Pocahontas —
Not everyone gets a happy
Jasmine — Aladdin
Pay attention to the people
around you. You may not just be
paranoid. That creepy guy
looking at you might be really be
a creepy bad guy planning to
make you his plaything.
Aladdin — Aladdin
Lying to your significant other
may work for a while, but they
will find out eventually and it will
come back to bite you in the
butt. And if they wouldn’t love
the real you, they aren’t worth
your time anyway.
When love happens, it knows no
boundaries and requires very few words.
Peter — Peter Pan
You can accomplish amazing things by
thinking positively, but if a boy shows up at
your window in the middle of the night he’s
probably going to get you into troub