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Areas of Study
Language &
Speaking, listening, literacy,
English and other languages
1 point
Find the definition to words
related to the Roman (see
YEAR 4 Homework Grid
Autumn Term 2 2014
2 points
3 points
4 points
Correctly place the apostrophes to show
possession in the irregular plurals.
See worksheet.
Read a book or watch a film on a
Roman theme. Write a review to
let your classmates know what you
thought about it.
Imagine you are a Roman soldier. Write a
letter home to explain what Britannia is
like and what happens in your daily life.
Comment on how your day is different to
your life in Rome.
Health & Wellbeing:
Physical activity, food,
Emotional development
Find out about a particular
Roman sport.
Roman soldiers needed to be fit and
tough to be effective warriors. Find out
how Roman soldiers trained and kept fit
and healthy.
The Romans introduced new foods
into Britain. Find out which foods
were introduced by the Romans
that are still enjoyed today and
what nutritious value they have.
Humanities & Citizenship:
History, Geography, R.E.
Cultural, visits
Research Roman life using
books from the school and local
library. Which were the most
useful? Recommend them to
your class using a book review
Create a wordsearch or crossword puzzle
containing some the key Roman
vocabulary you have learnt. Bring your
puzzle into school for your friends to
Try to find a map of Roman Britain.
Find out some of the names of
towns and cities. What are their
modern names? Many names
ending in chester or caster were
probably Roman military centres.
Do you know why and can you think
of any near to us?
Science & Technology:
Science, D.T., Eco issues
Look at Roman artefacts in detail at a
local museum or the British museum
website. Create a powerpoint showing
the artefacts that interest you and
provide information about what they
were used for
Research different Roman
technologies. What do you think
has had the biggest impact upon
modern day Britain.
Make a collage of a Roman god or
goddess. Write a fact file about them.
Design a working mini model of a
Roman catapult.
Make a model of a Roman villa using junk
materials such as cereal boxes, tin foil and
cardboard tubes. Use online images or
pictures in non- fiction books to inspire
the layout of your villa.
Watch the closing credits of your
favourite tv programme. Can you find
the Roman numerals at the end? What
year was the programme made?
Write some number calculations
using Roman numerals for your
friends and family to solve.
Creative Arts:
Art, Design, music, Dance
Maths & Problem Solving:
Maths, Thinking Skills, Logic,
Problem Solving
Know your 2, 5 and 10 times
table by heart. Can you
achieve the Bronze level?
Look at holiday brochures and online info
to find out about modern day Rome as a
tourist destination. Which tourist
attractions would you visit? What is the
weather like? Where else would you go in
Websites to help with homework:
This is the Year 4 homework grid for the second Autumn half
term. The activities all link to our topic or things we have been
learning about in maths. The challenge is to make 15 points.
Please bring your homework in to be checked on Mondays.
There are lots of activities for you to choose from so hopefully
you will find some that interest you and that you will enjoy.
Spellings will be tested on Fridays. This homework will run until
the final week of term (19th December 2014).
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