OCTOBER 27, 2015, 5:30 pm
Authority members present: Teresa Doster, Roddie Anne Blackwell, Lisa Jackson, Steve Sinclair, Scott
Reeves, Walt Rocker, Adam Smith
Others present: Carrie Vanderver, Paul Simonton
Doster called the meeting to order
Old Business
Vanderver gave Main Street report. This will be her last meeting before her move to Baxley. She
reminded everyone that this Friday is a 5th Friday in Downtown and lots of activities will be taking place.
A movie and fall festival is on the courthouse square, movie begins at 6:30pm, Concert is in the parking
lot and begins at 7pm (Jason Earl will perform). New pop-up business opens their doors for business
with 5 merchants. Then on Saturday is the BRIARPATCH ARTS FESTIVAL from 10 to 4 with a full house of
vendors, including food. She also presented the new DDA flyer that was designed by the regional
commission to hand out to new business. It is patterned after the PDA flyer. She suggested some
changes and ask everyone to send their changes to her at the office by Monday, Nov. 2. Everyone said
they will miss her and she has done an excellent job. Lisa reminded everyone to come for her farewell
reception on Wednesday evening.
Next, Paul Simonton reported on the never-ending stage project. We will not be using one of Trenton
Brown’s metal buildings. The building will be ordered from Gulf States Pre-engineered Buildings. Paul
will draw up a new contract with Trenton. The bottom will be brick veneer, 8 inch tube on corners and
dressed out—columns will not be on edges so that they can be bricked/veneer at a later date, standing
seam roof (1 in 12 pitch), dark bronze in color with white/beige roof, gutters across back with down
spouts, ceiling will be black or dark bronze, concrete will have broom finish, cut cuttings to control
joints. Handicap entrance (concrete) will be done by city but Brown is to prepare site on south side of
stage just below grade to accommodate walkway/ramp. Paul will talk with Jody at city about walkways
and get forms laid so that city can pave as they have extra concrete. When building is delivered on site
Brown will have 30 days to completely finish project or there will be a $100 per day fine (he may request
extension due to rain delays). He will not be given a deposit until the building is sitting on the ground at
the parking lot. Grading and silt fence is included, no grass included, Electrical: 200 amp panel, outlets
in columns and across front of stage. No wiring for sound that will have to come later. Paul will stay on
Trent and oversee that things are done in a timely manner. A motion was made by Walt and seconded
by Adam to proceed with project with the above outline. Motion passed unanimously.
New Business
Walt declared conflict of interest statement on Tytan discussion. Group proceeded to discuss written
proposal. It still needs a lot of economic data, which Walt said was forthcoming. There would be a
rebranding of the community to promote film development. Roddie Anne stated that she would contact
state film division and Ga. Power (LOCI) to assist on the project. Conversations have already taken
place with the Mayor and the PDA and both are in support at this time. The DDA is in the business of
creating jobs and this certainly fits in that realm. A motion was made by Lisa and seconded by Adam to
support project and do whatever need to be done to facilitate their commitment to come. Motion
passed unanimously. It was also decided that Roddie Anne and Teresa should request to go before
council (their next meeting) for their support and to see if they will agree to land deal.
Steve asked if there was a sports bar coming to downtown. No one knew of anything and Lisa said that
the current ordinances would not allow that. He had someone contact him that might be interested. It
was decided the DDA should formally ask city council to rewrite some of the current allowance to allow
for one. This could be a great business to help the film industry also.
There being no further business the meeting was adjourned.
Submitted by Roddie Anne Blackwell
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